Sports Nutrition: A Path To Elite Performance

Sports Nutrition: Elite Performance Through Leading Edge Nutritional Concepts

By Stephen McCarthy

The McCarthy Project

Sports Nutrition: Non-GMO, Organic, Locally-Grown Vegetables
Sports Nutrition: Non-GMO, Organic, Locally-Grown Vegetables

Today on The McCarthy Project Show, I talked about my ideas on how to develop elite performance in athletes with sports nutrition.

America today is filled with athletes, coaches and parents who know numerous buzz words related to nutrition, but they do not know what the buzz words mean.

The arena of fad diets has been exploited for many years.  The ideas I propose are not a diet plan or a silver bullet to success.  I have been working with athletes for over ten years and I have seen numerous diets and fads come and go.  The following are the concepts that I have found to be time proven.  They are leading edge. They are the truth.  Some naysayers may say differently, but if you follow these nutritional concepts you will have a competitive advantage over your nearest rival.

So here we go.

1.  Clear the slate of your mind of previous do’s and don’ts. Trans fat, Low cholesterol, low protein, vegetarian, plant based, etc.

2.  Research every idea I propose and use the same logic you use in every day life. Make sure you are not skewed by number 1.

3.  Current Status of the Food and Water Supply.  It is horrible.  It is not really food and the water is heavily polluted.

The end game is that the current food and water sources are set up to decrease your performance, increase your potential for disease, and decrease your cognitive skills.

Is every Tomato Created Equal? NO..
Is every Tomato Created Equal? NO..

On today’s show, we covered the following areas:

1.  Clean food sources: Consume non-gmo, organically grown food items.

2.  Clean water sources: Hydrate with non-fluoridated water.  Eliminate the chemicals from your hydration or water sources.

3.  Promote recovery:  Proper sports nutrition and adequate sleep patterns are keystones to your body using the food and water you put in on a daily basis.

4.  Food politics:  Big corporation have moved the food supply to a position where truth has been made bad and lies are made to be the truth. Make sure you are on the right side of the discussion.

5.  Supplementation:  Use the proper natural supplements to fill in the gaps or cracks in your daily nutritional intake.

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