Flu Shot Bombardment Has Begun

New Flu Shots Aim To Eliminate Excuses While Offering More “Protection”

by Steve St. Clair, EnerHealth Botanicals

Flu Shot Bombardment Has Begun

Flu Shot Bombardment Has Begun

Fall is upon us and the bombardment of “get your flu shot” hype has begun.  Only this year it’s worse as there is a plethora of new twists designed to give you a nice false sense of security.

First, there is a new shot that will offer “more protection”. It is called the quadrivalent vaccine and it “protects” from 4 strains of the flu rather than the normal 3. The CDC is recommending this new 4-strain vaccine for children because they are at the highest risk and they are saying get it right away because there is a limited supply.  So hurry to get your children “protected”.

Second, they have an extra strength shot for seniors.  This obviously is in response to the fact that last year’s shot was a complete failure in protecting the elderly.  In fact it was less than 50% effective in test groups and in other cases offered no protection at all. That’s not an opinion it’s a fact…look it up.  Apparently “Extra-Strength” is supposed to calm the fears of those asking any questions.

Finally, it seems like Big Pharma has gotten privy to the fact that people have been using the “I’m allergic to eggs” excuse to get out of their shots because they now have an “egg-free” version.  Not to mention they now have inhalable vaccines, finger pricks for those afraid of needles and I’m sure a million more reasons “why” there is no reason not to get a flu shot. Obviously they are trying to eliminate any excuse possible that people might have.

Of course, every year they tell us to get our flu shots because the flu strains change from year to year but somehow they already have the shots prepared without knowing what strains are present.  I know they are making “educated” assumptions into how the strains have mutated this year but really this whole thing is a total scam.

I encourage you to do your own research as I am here to just help ignite the fire of further exploration. Part of being a health freedom activist means advocating everyone to make their own decisions about their health.  We are just here to offer the alternative perspective and to create conversation.  I know many people who get the flu shot and still get the flu just like I know many people who get it and don’t get the flu.  I can also say the exact same thing for people who don’t get the flu shot. That is the point.  Flu shot or no flu shot, you might get the flu. But in my opinion, getting the flu shot offers no more “protection”. It is just another highly profitable control channel for Big Pharma.

You want REAL protection? Then take care of yourself with proper nourishment…mind, body, and soul. Get plenty of sleep, manage/limit your stress, and support your immune system through diet and supplementation.

I can not underestimate the importance of taking care of yourself. You could get all the shots in the world and if you are unhealthy and run yourself into the ground, you will get sick one way or another.

So please take care of your body.  Take care of your mind, and as your friend my advice is steer clear of the flu shot.

Health Freedom Starts With You.

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