Flu Vaccines: A Balanced Report

Flu Season and Flu Vaccines: Do the Risks Outweigh the Gains?

Flu Vaccines and Research
Flu Vaccines and Research

You get a cold or the flu. You don’t feel so well. What should you do? Rest and allow your body to naturally fight it off or next year get the flu shot, so you don’t get it ever again.

David Augenstein of the Journal of Natural Food and Health joined Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to discuss the history and current research of vaccines. For the complete interview, click here.

Here are some additional sites for research:

National Vaccine Information Center: Research and information on all aspects of vaccinations.

Center for Disease Control Website: Information on the different types, training, eduction, treatment, images, etc.

Center for Disease Control on the side effects of the vaccine: Same site but mentioning the side effects.

Natural Society on the side effects: Additional opinion on the side effects

Jon Rappoport on the need for flu shots:  Promotion of the flu vaccine and potential motives for corporations to create a demand for the flu vaccine. Flue Sho

Jon Rappoport on proper medical diagnosis:  What happens when only 16% of flu patients have the flu?

Natural Society on natural solutions of prevention:  Many solutions are available to prevent the cold or flu from occurring in the first place. Additional source: Vitamin D Council

Questions to Answer:

1.  I know everybody else is doing it, but why are you? A television ad told me that they have a product to prevent the flu?

3.  Do you want to risk the side effects to stop the flu that potentially lasts two days?

4.  If I want to prevent the flu from coming, what action steps could I take? Doesn’t seem wise to use natural solutions without the potential side effects?

If we are honest with ourselves, take the flu, as bad as it is, get better, and stop putting chemicals into your body that may have adverse effects and decrease your long term performance. Secondly, plan ahead with natural prevention strategies to eliminate the worry of the side effects.

Additional Research:

Steve St. Clair, manufacturer of natural food supplements, posted the following essay,  I would encourage you to review and contemplate his argument before your take your next shot. A second post on boosting your immune system.

David Augenstein
David Augenstein

David Augenstein, Journal of Natural Foods and Health, history of the flu shot and related research. David (aka Mr. Augie) is a chemical and environmental engineer, educator, entrepreneur, author and publisher. He is Founder and co-director of the Foundations for Health Education, a non-profit professional association engaged in several projects. He has had a forty-year career as a licensed engineer and an environmental specialist in industry and public health. In the past ten years, he has conducted many seminars in natural food and health topics and is publisher of the Journal of Natural Food and Health (internet) and the paper Living Food and various paper bulletins and internet campaigns on vaccination choice, fluoride and raw milk.