Potential Root Cause of Decreased Performance

For 14 years, we have been researching this concept called elite performance. One of the changes we have noticed is young people are not able to hold their attention on a subject as they could years ago. Secondly, they seem to be more complacent, sort of like ho-hum, just another day.

Well, I would like to open the discussion to the potential that vaccines could be one of the roots causes for these trends. You might say, this is not possible. Vaccines are for the flu and other diseases. Stephen, you are out in left field on this one..

All I ask that you open your mind to the following thought.

Some of the major side effects of vaccines are neurological damage like autism, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, to name a few. Well, what is the complete story on the negative chemical reactions taking place inside our body that we are not able to see with the naked eye? Are the vaccines slowing down our thoughts, as well as, changing how our body works? If this is so, I believe coaches would agree that a high sport IQ and quicker decisions are a major competitive advantage for athletes and teams, not talent alone? So I beg the question, by not taking the flu shot and other vaccines, can you improve the performance of yourself and your team or at least allow your team to perform at its best?

As a starting point, review the research. Does this seem plausible? I would be open to hearing your comments.

Additional Research:

Dr. Joseph Mercola on Aluminum, Vaccines and ADHD

Dr. Joseph Mercola on Vaccines and The Spread of Disease

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on history of vaccines and other information

Dr. Russell Blaylock on the “Dangers of Excessive Vaccination”

Vaccination Council on all subjects of interest

Stephen’s Additional Thoughts:

I would like to thank everyone for their feedback.  Below is an opening statement and some of the responses to the “plausible question” mentioned earlier.  My responses to the feedback are italicized.

As a starter, I would agree that vaccination technology and research is not phony and is legitimate, my question resided in the side effects and the need to have an honest, open debate on what is really the truth related to vaccines.   If I could be assured that each component of the vaccine would not have side effects, it is reasonable to take vaccines.  The difficulty I have is the studies from NIH and CDC have contradicted themselves and sometimes,  even omitted data that link neurological problems to vaccines.

Response #1

Clearly, your research is neglecting to examine Nordic skiing, tennis, track, cross country, swimming, etc. I have coached for 44 years, encourage my athletes to stay current in vaccinations, avoid persistent sanitized environments, encouraging exposure to expand personal immunity. My skiers are top performers with an average GPA of 3.674, they are leaders in school, highly competitive, involved in student government, etc. Thank god for polio vaccinations, and a whole host of others. The anti science madness is a disease spawned by ignorant individuals who have no understanding of immunity, health, and vaccines.


Dangerous proposition you make for young people.  My team is motivated and state level as well as national competitors.  They are all vaccinated and your thesis is dangerous and unsupported by real science.

I am not diminishing the possibility that athletes can perform while being vaccinated.  It would be the same as saying, “Every athlete needs to do heavy barbell squats in the weight room for elite performance,” when that has been clearly found to be false.  As there are many elite athletes, who have never seen a weight room and are able to compete at the highest levels.

My question arose out of a more global position and how it may be effecting individual athletes and the following possibilities:

1.  Is it plausible, some, not everyone, could be effected by the use vaccines and their performance had been diminished.

2.  Looking at the known side effects and the chemical makeup of the vaccines begs the question… What are each individual athletes responses to the vaccines.. What is the grey in-between the black and white? Click here, here or here for additional information.

3.  See response #2 for accuracy of clinical trials

4.  I do agree that vaccination technology is solid, I would just like the accurate documentation and a vaccine not filled with heavy metals and other chemicals harmful to our mind and bodies.

Response #2

The CDC and several studies show their is no causal link between Autism and vaccines.

One of the major foundation articles for this response is a 2004 article in the Journal Pediatrics by William S. Thompson, a Senior Scientist at the CDC and his co authors.  On August 27th, 2014, William S. Thompson has admitted that the article “omitted data that suggested connection to Autism.”  See link here

Response #3

Your conclusions are founded on hysteria, not facts. You are not a doctor or a scientist and what you are trying to promote can cause a great deal of harm.

Agreed, I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I am a trainer and have observed athletes for a long time, seen the side effects of athletes who are not able to perform to their full potential.  My intention was to ask the question, Could vaccines be a cause for the decreasing of performance in athletes?  And based on the side effects and scientific evidence, on both sides, it is worth asking the question.  Secondly, see above link to William Thompson about the accuracy of clinical studies, as well as, the two additional sources listed below.

Note: While the subject is GMO’s, just replace “GMO” with vaccines and the statements look eerily similar.  I ask the question, who is not open to a honest debate? Or Cathleen may not realize that genetically modified organisms have been linked to health disorders.  Possible, but I doubt it.

According to Cathleen Enright, executive vice president food & agriculture, for the Biotech Industry Organization (BIO), there is nothing to debate. GMO agriculture is “sustainable” and GMO foods are “safe.” Anyone who says otherwise is making “scary” statements that have no basis in fact—because every shred of scientific evidence suggesting health or safety concerns related to GMOs “has been discredited,” Enright told me during a March 3 (2015) phone conversation. Click here for entire article


One of the most important responsibilities of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in protecting public health is to conduct regular inspections of clinical trial sites to ensure that good clinical practices are being followed. But a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA Internal Medicine has found that nearly half of all clinical trials are based on false information, and the FDA typically does nothing to address this widespread problem

Charles Seife, M.S., from the Institute of Journalism at New York University conducted a cross-sectional analysis of publicly available documents that describe FDA inspections of clinical trial sites where significant evidence of objectionable conditions or practices was found. Narrowing down the pool to only those documents that contained enough information to fully identify the violations described, Seife came up with 57 trials for which evidence of “significant departures” was abundant. Click here for entire article

So I will stand form on asking the question and opening the conversation. It must be discussed.

Response #3

Please do not spread propaganda based on hearsay.  This kind of stuff put out to unsuspecting people is one of the reasons we are seeing outbreaks of diseases long ago eradicated.

See above.. The question must be asked and a solid debate must occur, so an informed decision can be made for you, others and your athletes.