The Pursuit of Performance in Life and Sport

At the age of 32, Stephen McCarthy pursued his dream of becoming a professional golfer.   At the same time, Tiger Woods was on the scene pursuing performance off the course in the same way athletes of other major sports, in the weight room.  Within this context, Stephen started to look for a strength coach in the world of personal trainers and certified strength coaches. He found many trainers hawking their training programs as the silver bullet for elite performance. Upon completing these programs, he was left wanting for ideas that actually worked.

By 2001, the concept of passing along the lessons and information he learned from experience started take root.  The process had taught Stephen two major lessons;

(1)  People, young and old, are willing to pay the price for success, but they had one major problem. The information passed as truth was, in fact, marketing hype or “Old School, Survival of the Fittest” programs.

(2)  Confusion reigned on the truth of “how to” develop a person’s individual talent from a foundational level to the highest levels of performance.

Hence, the need for a comprehensive philosophy of life and sport that focused on the individual as an individual, not as part of a group, without the accompanying of the marketing hype.  The end result is The McCarthy Project.  A philosophy of attaining elite performance by using the outdoors or the “natural method of education and training”  based on each individuals talent, goals and fitness level.  Areas of development include; mastery of a skill, cognitive awareness, work capacity enhancement, injury prevention, and performance-based nutrition for life and sport.

Our organization is committed to full spectrum analysis of elite performance in life and sport.  The hope is to bring leading-edge research, as well as, innovative and sometime controversial ideas to the marketplace that assist athletes and teams in attaining their full potential. Services include specialty events, custom retreats and team building trips for athletes. Nutritional, training, and leadership development consultations and presentations, as well as, customized socks for teams and schools. The McCarthy Project site is an aggregate location for our 14 years of research and development related to use of natural methods to develop talent.