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Stephen McCarthy has been pursuing elite performance his entire life, not always succeeding, but always getting up to fight and pursue again.  It all started in the mid-1990’s in the computer industry;  Stephen and Noel Grover attempted to sell voice recognition software over the internet.  The company did not sell very many units as we were about 15 years too early.   What did occur was the idea that the world of information technology was the place to build a company.  Within three years, McCarthy International became a small business networking company with annual sales of over 1.5 million; all done in a two-bedroom apartment with a wicker desk and a really uncomfortable chair in the bedroom with a young family of 5.

During the late 90’s, on the athlete side, Stephen had the dream of becoming a professional golfer.  Through trial and error, Stephen realized that most people who said they know the path to elite performance only have pseudo-science and unproven ideas on how to develop talent.  The marketing hype around fads and lack of common sense was and continues to be epidemic in sport today.

In 2001, Stephen decided to change industries as the thought working with zero’s and ones for the rest of his life did not hold his interest.  Enter The McCarthy Project.  The company started as personal trainers and strength coaches with a small gym on the backside of a strip mall.  We expanded, moved to a larger retail location and then back onto the internet to sell high-end sporting goods and train young athletes.  The company eventually grew to 1.5 million in annual sales, but with two unexpected developments occurred, 1.  Amazon, Zappos, and big business entering the world of specialty sporting goods, 2. we had a serious lack of working capital.  So In December of 2011, we decided to close the website/retail store and focus the company’s attention on training young athletes.

In 2013, Stephen had the opportunity work directly with Lindsey Berg, former University of Minnesota volleyball player and a 3 time Olympic setter. Her love for volleyball and the desire to help players set in motion the idea that we could take what we had learned over the last 12 years in athlete development to the world of volleyball.  Our first camp was in the summer of 2015. Since that fateful day, we have worked with volleyball players all over the nation and many top college and Olympic level coaches.  During the same summer, we launched the TMP Beach Volleyball Club, which is currently one of the top beach clubs in the Midwest, by number of players.

The McCarthy Project has worked with over 15000 individuals and athletes over the decades.  We pursue elite performance in life and sport with a proven philosophy of success and a staff committed to thinking outside of traditional methods and means. We pursue success in life and sport with the same dogged passion as an athlete searching for the key to attaining the highest level of elite performance. To this end, we have brought together simple, common sense methods to volleyball that have been used for hundreds of years with a few tweaks from the modern world.  The use of fads, training aids and the latest and greatest theories miss the mark on the litmus test of a simple, clear and actionable philosophy of high-end performance.

Don’t take our word for it, click here for what our players and parents have been saying about our training and development philosophy over the years.

For more information, contact us at 612-741-0982 or email at cs(at)themccarthyproject.com.

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