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STACK.COM:Basketball Training for Results

In today’s world of basketball training, one of the biggest mistakes is not working out in a planned, consistent comprehensive plan of action.  Athletes can attend all the camps, elite teams and their high school program and not gain results from the program other than bigger muscles. basketball training for elite athletes

It may seem like it is working out, but is your jump shot more consistent, are you quicker on defense, or end to end you are faster.  More times than not, you are not.  And it is not because you are not working harder or enough.

You are simply working out in far too many ways.  Find a strength coach who can create a plan of attack to meet your goals and roll with it.

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Youth Athletes Strength Training.. When to get started.

Over the years, I have come across many strength training philosophies related to youth athletes strength training and the question always comes up. When should they start working out?  The answer is sooner than you think, but take your time and build them slowly.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that as long as the weights used are not maximal or close to an athlete’s 1 repetition maximum, strength training is safe for young athletes. The Mayo Clinic even weighed with the following statement, “strength training, not weightlifting. “

Here are a couple additional observations, the Russians trained young athletes to perfect movements without weight.  That’s right.  No weights until they perfected the lifting movements.  This lasted up to two years for some.  So bodyweight and coordination training until the athlete has a high level of proficiency completing each exercise is your best bet.  An example of coordination training would be completing a footwork drill on the agility ladder, juggling one ball, and doing math all at the same time.  Your athlete’s coordination and awareness of their body will be challenged, but place a low amount of stress on the athlete’s body.

Secondly, one of the big trends nowadays is the use of plyometrics (i.e. the shock method.)  Some athletes are not ready for this method of training.  It is too aggressive.  How do you know?  Athlete’s will start to have naggy-type injuries. More times than not, if you stop the plyometrics, no more nagging injuries.  Somebody might say that all the other teams are doing it or I read that plyometrics make athlete’s skate faster.  That is a true statement, but the goal is for your athlete to love the game, play pain free and develop the speed over time.   One of our athletes started training when he was 9 years old, but he was always getting these nagging injuries, like knee problems, hips hurting, etc. So we held off the plyometrics portion, but continued training.  We followed a disciplined training program using the methods mentioned. When he turned 15, we came back to the complete strength program, including plyometrics. He has increased his dead lift, back squat, and bench press by almost 20-25% in only 4 months.  And now he is stronger than athletes that are 2-3 years older than him.  He is pain-free, no injuries and loving life.

Allow your athlete’s the time to grow and learn where their bodies are in space. Add weights when the time is right.  The end result will be a much happier athlete and save their bodies undo wear and tear.


Stephen McCarthy, Director of The McCarthy Project, he has worked with over 10000 athletes with an emphasis on the youth athlete. He has researched and developed innovative training techniques for over 10 years. His athletes have received college scholarships and played professionally, as well as, won state championships and national championships. Visit www.themccarthyproject.com.

What They Are Saying…About The McCarthy Project

Here are references from The McCarthy Project clients….

“Stephen’s dedication to athletes of all ages and sport is unquestioned. He uses programs that benefit the athlete no matter the sport. I witnessed his work with a local swim team. Not only did the kids improve from the conditioning and strength, they looked forward to doing them again and again.” -Colby Fuller, youth coach

“Stephen worked with my daughter after a high ankle sprain.  He did more in 3 days then any other trainer had done for her in 10 days.  The methods he used to get her walking again were awesome.  Stephen is one who thinks outside the box and gets his kids back to the sports they love quickly and stronger. ” -Marit Larson, mom of a young athlete.

“Stephen has worked with our organization for over a year and I have been impressed with him and his ideas.  The athletes are getting better results and they enjoy the training.  Secondly, I have found his training programs to be creative and challenging at the same time.” -Brian Sandifer, Director of Grassroots Hoops Basketball Club

“I wanted to drop a note with my recommendation of Stephen McCarthy and his athletic training program. I have coached for 22 yrs at all levels and have witnessed multiple training programs throughout those years. After tracking the success of several players Stephen trained and the results have been excellent. The strength and endurance of these players that have trained with Stephen has increased their overall effectiveness as a complete athlete. They have increased their speed and overall quickness. Stephen’s training has been an overall success and I would recommend him to all players looking to achieve a higher level of play and athleticism.” Derek P., Pro, College and High School Coach

“Stephen was able to bring a fresh approach to speed and agility training for my Hopkins High School Boys Lacrosse team and what I appreciated most was the custom designed program he created for our sport.  My boys not only enjoyed the sessions but were challenged and, most importantly, were in the best shape I’ve ever seen them at the beginning of our season.  The Hopkins High School Lacrosse Program is excited for our future with Stephen as we can only see his programs getting better each year!  Thanks for everything Stephen and we look forward to seeing you out on the field soon!!!” -Chris Donaldson, Head Coach of Hopkins High School Lacrosse