Speed and Power development over the summer

We are going to be starting our summer sessions for speed and power development, The starting of summer always brings a lot of thoughts on how to train young athletes. The standard pattern is to sign athletes up in 3-5 two week programs and then start captains practice for conditioning and call it a good off-season program. One of the major mistakes I see parents or athletes make is trying to go all out for two weeks at a time with differing training groups or camps, then do absolutely nothing the next two weeks, then back at it for two weeks. It does not allow the athlete to develop his overall speed and strength, because the next week they are not building on what they did the two weeks previous. The money spent for camps would be better placed working with somebody, like once a week over a extended period of time. This allows the body to receive the training better and be challenged over a longer time. Thats about it.

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