5 Questions for Fitting a Triathlon Wetsuit

When purchasing a new triathlon wetsuits, it is not as simple as looking at the size chart and picking one. The following questions will guide you through the initial thoughts needed before actually picking a wetsuit.

1. How would you rate yourself as swimmer? Excellent swam in high school or college, intermediate: good swimmer, but not great. or beginner: I just want to get out of the water.

2. What is your body composition? Long Torso, wide torso, big hips, long legs, etc

3. What is your goal for the triathlon wetsuit? Warmth, buoyancy, make me faster, etc.

4. What is your budget? Wetsuits range from $150 to $600. So have an idea going into the purchase what you are willing to spend.

5. Do you want the performance fit or comfort fit? There are always 2 to 3 wetsuits in each model that you can fit into. Remember the tighter the wetsuit, the better it will perform. But too tight and it is not comfortable. There is always a balance based on what you would like to accomplish.

Next we will come back and talk about the brands, like Synergy Sports, 2xu, and Blue Seventy and the types of athletes they fit.

Stephen McCarthy
Gear and Training

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