Synergy Wetsuits: New Brand to Beat

Synergt Sport has arrived in the US market and brought their line of high quality triathlon wetsuits, tri apparel and bike wheels.

But first of all a little background of the company, Stefan Laursen is the founder and owner of Synergy Sport. He has quite a background in competing at the world level, check him out on google. On the business side, he was the person behind bringing Orca into the US and making it the brand that it is today. About 2 years ago, he decided to start is own company and brand, the result Synergy Sport. The main focus of the brand is to bring their passion for triathlon into apparel and components at a fair price. They would rather work with you to accomplish your goals than simply sell you the most expensive gear and say it is the best. Stefan is pictured at 70.3 Ironman World Championships Clearwater, FL in 2008.

The Synergy Sport line includes 3 models of tri wetsuits, a line of tri tops, aero helmets, and accessories. Pictured is an athlete coming out of the water in a Synergy Hybrid at Clearwater, FL in 2008.

Gray wheels have been rock solid for two years and with thousands in the mareketplace. They are starting to gain a reputation for high ratings in durability, customer service, and quality of product.

In the future we will bring more detailed reviews on each model of wetsuits, helmets, and wheels, but for now it seems like a brand that you can trust to help you accomplish your goals.

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