Is the Size Chart Accurate, Part 3

The area I would like to cover today is…. Which brand will fit my body?

One disclaimer before we get started…. The categorizations that follow are generalized statements. Each brand does have different pieces that will fit different athletes. We just need to make sure that we make the adjustments as mentioned in the previous posts.

With that said, we go to ranking the brands….

For the sake of simplicity, we will have 3 categories:
A: Smaller shoulders, Tight lower body. Euro cut.
B: Bigger shoulders, Average lower body, but could go either way.
C: Larger shoulders, Loose lower body. Traditional Cut

1, 2xu – B
2. Synergy – C
3. Orca – A
4. Blue Seventy – B
5. TYR – A
6. Desoto – C

1. Westcomb – C
2. Icebreaker – A
3. Mammut – A
4. Smartwool – B

1. Assos – A
2. Capo – B
3. Castelli – A
4. Showers Pass – C
5. Skins – C

Well, that should about do it for sizing. If you think of any additional questions you would like to see in our posts, let me know.

Stephen McCarthy

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