Push The Rock Allentown,PA Basketball Camp

Wow.. What an experience!! We traveled all the way to Allentown, PA (Just North of Philadelphia) to work with the Push The Rock ministries.  We meet some great people over the two weeks.  It confirmed to me that you can play at a high level and be a Christian.  We had great teach by Jose Medina, a local high school coach, and quality team time sessions, where we talked about the bigger issues of life outside of basketball. Here are some images from the camp and a trip to NYC.. The last image is amazing.. They actually play basketball outside, under the lights.  Never seen it before in my life!! It was just like seeing snow for the first time.

End of Camp Awards with Jose
Tyson with Lamont and Jacob
The Family: Stephen, Tyson and Tessa at NYC
Tyson and Tessa in NYC Times Square

Tyson Zip lining in the Poconos
Outdoor night basketball in Allentown, PA

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