The McCarthy Project is Changing Life Thru Training

Over the next few months, you will see more information on combining the concept of fitness, the outdoors, and after school programs.  We have started to see people change right before our eyes over the last couple years. The idea of changing peoples lives thru fitness, the outdoors and nutrition really seems to have arrived in the minds of society.  They have become very powerful in the lives of our clients.

To this end, we will be integrating the MovNat training protocols to develop even further our use of the local parks and the environment that is already there.  Rather than, needing to go to a gym to workout.  We believe that it is a great thing to just go ourside and play at the park.  MovNat has taken this concept and built tremendous training protocols around this simple concept.

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We look forward to the continued development of our programs related to fitness, the ourdoors, and changing lifestyles.

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