Robin Morton: The First Female Owner in Pro Cycling

Pre-7-Eleven, Robin Morton was in the Pro Peleton as an Owner

Robin Morton of G4 Productions
Robin Morton of G4 Productions

Robin Morton was the first female owner int the pro peleton during the mid-1980’s.  She reminisced about being voted into the elite group of men and a couple cool stories about the how the team traveled and competed on shoe string budget.

Currently, she is a partner in G4 Productions, an event planning firm in North America.

For the complete show, visit here. Robin came on the show around the 60 minute mark.


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  1. It doesn’t take guts She had an affair with John Eustice and that is the part of the story left out…which is why the teams in Italy had meetings and why the Italian woman suggested she get hair cut. It’s the equivalent of going topless in St. Lucia…extremely ignorant and extremely clueless. What’s amazing is how much she managed to benefit from lies and deceit, including fixing races with John Eustice and having major conflict of interest…managing teams while working for promotion company, etc. If it’s too good to be true…
    you guys are so gullible!

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