Brianna Walle: Optum Health-Kelly Benefits Pro

Brianna Walle of Optum Health/Kelly Benefits and the Nature Valley Grand Prix

Brianna Walle of Optum Health/Kelly Benefits Pro Cycling
Brianna Walle of Optum Health/Kelly Benefits Pro Cycling

Brianna Walle joined Stephen McCarthy on the the show to talk about the upcoming Nature Valley Bike Race and her first year as a pro.

Last year, Brianna came the the Nature Valley race to prove that she has the talent to be a pro cyclist. And she completed the mission. This year she returns with the Optum Health/Kelly Benefits Pro Cycling team as a member of the team.

On the show, she talks about how she balances her schedule around working full-time with Yakima, the rack company and training 15-20 hours per week.

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Brianna Walle Bio Information from her site:

My name is Brianna Walle (aka “Brie” or “Wee Brie”). I’m a neo-amateur-gone-pro cyclist who is stoked to be racing professionally for the 2013 season!  It took a lot of work, dedication and support from my friends and family to get to this point and I’m seizing the moment! I discovered bike racing in 2010, after a quick 101 session at PIR (Portland International Raceway), fell in love with bike racing and never looked back. Two months later, I was invited to race for Ironclad Cycling Team. I raced for Ironclad from 2010-2013, starting as a Cat 4 and working my way up to Cat 1 within that time.

I consider myself to be a well-balanced racer, fast learner, and team-player. My strengths include: sprints, crazy hard attacks, time trials and power-climbing. I have raced in several roles within our team from rabbit, to domestique, and protected rider. I thrive off of strong efforts to work for my teammates and achieve our team goals. One of my biggest accomplishments last year (2012) was qualifying and racing on Nature Valley Pro Chase Team at the Nature Valley Grand Prix and placed 1st overall as “Best Amateur” Cyclist. I’m looking forward to rocking it hard in 2013 with my new team.

For more information on Brianna, visit her website.

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