Natural Way of Living Defined

A person who spends the day in useful work and takes a proper amount of exercise, sleeps soundly. He retires early and rises refreshed, sound in mind and body, and commences the new day with cheerfulness and energy. He has learned how to differentiate between day and night, and divides his day between work and needful rest.

A person who is lazy and suffers from the bad effects of high living, is tired and languid in the morning and during the day, but is quite lively in the evening and at night when he stays in a smoky bar-room or close ball-room.

It is the duty of every noble-minded person to work with word, example and action for the regeneration of the people through a more natural mode of living, so that simplicity in food and drink and a general knowledge of the laws of hygiene may prevail.

Peter Ling, Home Gymnastics, 1907, pg. 24

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