What is the Definition of Hard Work?

New York Knicks Performance Coach Andy Barr on Overtraining, Fad Training Systems, and Best Practices

Andy Barr
Andy Barr

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project will be joined by New York Knicks Performance Coach Andy Barr to discuss the concept of overtraining, fad training programs, and how to develop a foundation for elite performance.

For the complete show, visit here.

During the show, we be covering the following areas of elite performance development.

a. Is doing nothing sometimes better than doing something?
b. What is overtraining and the signs you may be there?
c. General discussion on pros and cons of each method of training: body weight training, plyometrics and Olympic lifts as it relates to performance and injury.
d. Are fad training programs needed for extra work, like Cross Fit, Insanity, and the like?
e. How to build the proper foundation physically before moving on to heavier loading?

Andy Barr, Performance Coach of New York Knicks, After playing 5 years as a pro soccer player in England, Andy joined the coaching staff for a local pro soccer team in England.  He has been with the New York Knicks for 3 years as the performance coach. For additional information, visit here or twitter.


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