Pat the Roc Minnesota May 10th

Pat the Roc and Sean Hardeman of Ball Hard Team Up to Bring High Level Skills Training to Minnesota

Clearance Fields of CRF Sports Academy, Dante Rabb of MN Preps, in tandem with, Pat the Roc and Sean Hardemen will elevate your game to the next level in this one day ballhandling and skills training event.  Click here for complete event information.

Here are a couple YouTube links and additional information on Pat the Roc and Shaun Hardeman.

World’s Greatest ball-handler “Pat The Roc” works with NBA star Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings point guard on dribble quickness/coordination with the basketball. Tyreke shows why he hands down has one of the best handles in the league. Pat The Roc has worked with many elite college/pro players on their dribbling skills. “Good players workout. Great players outwork!” –Pat The Roc

“I started Ball-Hard because of the lack of development that I saw that was happening in my community. I wanted to build a training program to help each and every kid not only realize their dreams, but to actualize them as well. Ball Hard is founded on the most genuine of principles…. Helping Someone Else” Sean Hardeman


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