Basketball Speed Drills: Consistency Doing the Drills is the Key

Stephen McCarthy

Every player in the nation is looking for the set of basketball speed drills that will push them to the next level. The best drill is consistently doing the drills, not the speed drills themselves. Most people will just blow off this article or say it can’t be that easy. Simply, choose the move you want to develop, select the proper speed drills for that move, do them consistently each week for a long period and you will become faster.

To prove my point, here is a quote from Yuri Verkoshansky, an industry icon in the area of developing athletes:

“Systemization of the training stimuli. The work load should be considered as a complete unit, in which great care has been taken over the chronological order of the training stimuli. This implies continuity, consistency, and interdependence of the effects of the training stimuli on the athlete’s organism.”

While he is speaking to the overall training load of an athlete and what is needed to complete the goal, we can apply the same concepts to developing a set of basketball speed drills. Here are the steps to take your game to the next level:

  1. Define what you want to accomplish and break it down into pieces.
  2. Take your time and choose drills that will develop those particular pieces or actions.
  3. Make sure all the drills work together to create the desired outcome.
  4. Consistently work on those drills until they are mastered.
  5. Put the pieces together and test your results.

The path mentioned may seem over simplistic. Just because your favorite player does a certain drill, it does not mean that it will make you faster than everybody else. Break down your crossover or turnaround jumper into smaller pieces. Locate drills that work on those areas.  Consistently and systematically work on each component, and you will accomplish your goal in due time.

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