Olympian and Olympic coach on “The Love of The Game”

3 Time Olympian Lindsey Berg
3 Time Olympian Lindsey Berg

As a player, 3 time Olympian and Professional volleyball player Lindsey Berg has been at the forefront of USA Olympic volleyball for over 10 years and she admits that she was not always the most athletic person on the floor. How did this happen? She attributes her success to the early development of her “love of the game.”  Today’s world of sport is littered with how-to camps and power tripping coaches who just think they have all the answers, our hope is more coaches will encourage young people to shake off all the reasons why they can’t, and find within their heart a deeper motive for playing the game of volleyball.

Click here to hear Lindsey on how she did not take the traditional path to elite performance, how some in the volleyball community did not see her potential, and how she overcame with the understanding that elite performance has to be deeper than just athletic ability. The link is about have way down the page.

University of Minnesota coach Hugh McCutcheon

Secondly, former Olympic and current University of Minnesota coach, Hugh McCutcheon attacked the same question.  The unique part of this discussion is how close their thoughts match.  Click here for the entire interview.

The answer.. When you are young, play numerous sports in a pickup game format. Come to realize the sport you love and become really good at that one you choose.

Sadly, easy to understand and agree, but hard to go against the grain and therefore, not used very often.

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