Increase Flexibility, Decrease Performance Feedback

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I want to thank everybody who passed along their thoughts on the subject of flexibility. Posted below are a couple of them.

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James from Carson City, NV:
There was an Australian study on this basic subject published a few years ago. The conclusion was that stretching before engaging in athletic activities, running, cycling, etc., prevented one from suffering a sports injury every twenty-seven years. Essentially, stretching has little value. Being lazy, it suits me just fine. I get on the bike, pedal a bit slowly for a block or two and then it’s flat out. For those who like to stretch, go for it. Age 74 in case anyone cares.

Tjader from Huntington, CA:
It depends on the definition of “Performance” and whether the discussion is of athletic performance or performance of a singular activity? While a muscle or joint may well weaken with elongation, energy as used for athletic performance is generally an equation that equates to velocity. For instance, Usain Bolt’s legs don’t turn over at a more rapid rate than his competitors but because his legs are longer and will therefore extend/stretch farther the energy transmitted into the ground is greater which propels him faster/harder than his competition.

If his legs were shorter or he less flexible, with the same turnover rate, he would have to generate more energy into the ground than he currently does to run the same speed.

Joint flexibility is a whole different subject as that, I believe, speaks to joints that essentially absorb energy and lengthen reaction time.

Alex from Ortonville, MI:
Flexibility training is one thing, but stretching is different. I will say certain muscles sometimes don’t like stretching after a workout and others will sometimes injure if you don’t. I’ve experienced both.

Stephen McCarthy

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