Is the Size Chart Accurate

You spend 2 hours researching the right gear, study the size chart for accuracy, and then pull the trigger. You receive your gear and you can’t get it over your shoulders.

First question… I followed the size chart. Why doesn’t it fit?

This is a very common occurrence in endurance sports.

Here are a couple scenarios to prove a point. A traditional endurance athlete has strong legs and no shoulders. On the other side, a swimmer will have broad shoulders and no legs. They have the same height and weight. Can you see the reason for your frustration?

Secondly, your body type will work better for one brand versus another. Using our two athletes from above, 2xu will fit the traditional athlete and the Synergy will fit the later. Each sport has specific brands that follow the same guidelines. In cycling, Assos is the extreme euro cut and Skins is the broader cut.

Here are a couple rules for you to follow for your next gear purchase.
1. Each brand has a certain type of athlete that will work the best
2. Add your torso length and width into the discussion.
3. There are always special cases related to an athlete’s body composition.

And remember fitting gear tight to the body is an art form, not a science. What one person thinks is the right fit, another will feel is too tight.

Hope that helps and give me a call if you have any questions.

Stephen McCarthy

“Attacking Life and Sport Since 2001”

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