Training Philosophy at The McCarthy Project

The following are the foundation concepts to pursuit of elite performance.

1. Develop a complete athlete with proper prescription of technique, weight training, agility, plyo-metrics, and speed drills to increase their work capacity. We always use science as our measuring tool, not the marketing fads of the day.

2. Promote recovery training and a balanced life: Killing athletes is “old school” and then not allowing them to recover with another beat down the next day should be outlawed. A very difficult workout should be used only in very special circumstances.

3. Develop coordinated effort: Use of neuro-confusion drills teach athletes to understand where they are in space and how to complete their respective athletic movements while not consciously thinking about those specific movement or events.

4. Promote injury prevention: Proper lifting techniques and the the Athlete Functional Test allow us to prescribe exercise, not just bunch lifts together because that is what we have done in the past or what my competitor is doing. We attempt to meet the goal of every athlete’s training be applicable to their specific situation.

5. Develop mental toughness with a unique combination of training methods: We have developed workouts that are made to test the athlete’s willpower and mental toughness.

6. Food, air and water sources in an athlete’s life are critical to their long-term health and elite performance.  The diet fads with synthetic products and genetically modified food will not produce the desired results.

7.  Limited medical interventions will allow the athlete to overcome many health concerns, as well as, not create additional challenges by having synthetic products inside the athlete’s body.

8.  Limiting technology (computer with social media, smart phones, and television) will increase the athlete’s IQ and ability to live a balanced life.

9.  Sleep and sleep patterns are critical to the long term recovery and health of every athlete.

Quality prescription of technique training, work capacity development, sleeping, and eating will assist each athlete more in accomplishing their goals than a “Survival of the Fittest” training regime over a long period of time.

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