Who Would Have Thought? Sam Lofquist

Just reflecting on past clients and where they are now.

One is Sam Lofquist.. Yup, the same one who played for the Golden Gophers.

We worked with him long ago.  Back in the early 2000’s.  Back then Gordy would make what he called the “loop”  He would drive from Spooner, WI to Bloomington, MN to Rogers, MN and then back to Spooner, WI. like three times a week.  He would work out with Bernie McBain at Minnesota Made then up to workout with one of our trainers in the weight room and then back home.  All the while Same was doing his homework in the car.  Everybody thought he was weird from doing all that driving, but look what his son has done.  And when we worked with him.. He was a great kid, but we would not have said his was the one who was going to make it.   He persevered, paid the price, and in the end he made it.  Congrats to Gordy and Sam.

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