An Argument for Oxygen Supplementation in Athletes

Oxygen Supplementation in Athletes a radical, new and old, thought?

Live o2, Oxygen Supplementation in Athletes

The great thing about life is perspective.  You can use the information intended for one purpose, but with a different perspective you can look from a different angle, you can see an entirely new conclusion.  My hope is to walk you down the road to see that we have missed one of the most basic building blocks of performance in sport, oxygen.

The question I have always wanted to answer is how Native Americans were able to go on physically demanding hunts, maintain a slendor, muscular build without motor learning research performed during practice sessions or treadmills for endurance work or completed Olympic lifts in their weight room. So how could it be that they were able to accomplish such feats of  endurance and strength without all the training?

My first hypothesis is oxygen and our current lack there of, in our current lives.

Here are my thoughts that lead me to this conclusion.

  1. Otto Warburg, a mid 20th century cell biologist in Germany, cellular respiration is simple truth: cells that cannot breathe, cannot, and will not ever, work properly. Anything that skips the first and obvious neglects the
    metabolism of life.
  2. Current Atmospheric levels:  Compared to prehistoric times, the level of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere has declined by over a third and in polluted cities the decline may be more than 50%. This change in the makeup of the air we breathe has potentially serious implications for our health and performance, according to Roddy Newman and his book, The Oxygen Crisis.
  3. Manfred von Ardenne, developed in the late 1960s by Professor von Ardenne, (a student of Dr. Otto Warburg), Oxygen Multistep Therapy combines oxygen therapy, elements that facilitate intracellular oxygen turnover, and physical exercise adapted to individual performance levels.
  4. Dr. Mark Sircus states, “long and hard is the search for substances that athletes can use to increase sports performance. There are more than several substances that are natural, legal, non-toxic and safe that athletes can use, but like everywhere else in the world of medicine most still prefer dangerous pharmaceuticals to natural medicinals even with the risk of being discovered and banned from competition.”  and, “extra oxygen increases muscles’ energy production improving athletic output ability; intensity and duration.  The secret to Olympic success is higher concentrations of oxygen delivery to the cells.. ” For entire post, click here
  5. Oxygen has been proven to be a natural, ethical & legal way to stimulate biologically effective levels of growth hormones, especially the ones ethic-challenged athletes use illegally, like EPO, erythropoietin AND HGH, Human Growth Hormone?

I realize that additional details may be needed to connect these dots into a more detailed, comprehensive study, suffice to say that increasing your oxygen intake would benefit athletes, both in the short and long run.




The McCarthy Project EWOT Sessions

Exercise With Oxygen Training Sessions For Elite Performance in Life and Sport

live_o2_logoOver the years, The McCarthy Project has developed gestalt theory of elite performance and oxygen is a major component of that philosophy. Each session is 30 minutes in length: a 5-10 warm-up on a treadmill, or a bike trainer (you can use your own bike. if desired) followed by a 15 minute training session and a 5 minute cool down.

Session Rates:
Individual Sessions $50.00
Elite Package (16 sessions) $500.00
Gestalt Package (Unlimited sessions for 4 months) $1000.00

23568 Birch Road
Rogers, MN 55374

Each session package includes a 60 minute consultation to review your current fitness level and your goals. All sessions are by appointment only.

For more information on how we may be able to take your training to the next level, contact Stephen McCarthy at 612-741-0982 or cs(at)

Oxygen Training with LiveO2 Systems
LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast System

Some EWOT Training benefits include:
1. Increased oxygen saturation for the purpose of delayed onset of muscle soreness
2. Development of auto-immune system
3. Super charge current nutrition strategies with the increased oxygen levels
4. Amplify body’s natural hormones for an increase in muscle mass



Tom Brady: Coca-Cola “Poison for Kids”

By Christina Sarich,

101915bradycokeNew England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady called Coca-Cola “poison for kids.”

“You probably go out and drink Coca-Cola and think, ‘Oh yeah, that’s no problem,’” he said on the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show. “Why, because they pay lots of money for advertisements that think that you should drink Coca-Cola for a living?”

“No, I totally disagree with that and when people do that, I think that’s quackery, and just the fact that they can sell that to kids? That’s poison for kids.”

Regular coke does contains high-fructose corn syrup, which has been linked to a variety of health problems including high blood pressure and obesity.

Also he noted frosted flakes…

But Brady didn’t just attack coke: he also questioned whether Frosted Flakes is “actually a food.”

“You keep eating those things and you keep wondering why we do have just incredible rates of disease in our country,” the quarterback said.

Like Coca-Cola, Frosted Flakes also contains high-fructose corn syrup.

“Another reason to avoid fructose is that its most common form, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), is derived from genetically modified corn,” Sarich pointed out. “That means it was developed in a lab, not grown and milled before it ended up in your table.”

For complete article, visit here

Off-Ice Hockey Training Program: 6 Main Components

mccarthy_imageWhen looking for an off-ice hockey training program, you will not have a shortage of choices. You will find companies selling new gadgets promising speed development. Physio-ball training for hockey players variation 1001. Ab-rollers that are the key to a rock hard core. If you step into the college weight rooms around the US, you may see one or two of these pieces. One difference.. They are all supplementary methods, not the primary focus of the training. Be careful not to get sidetracked with really technical drills or a cool new piece of equipment. More times than not, you can accomplish the same result with equipment you already own.

Here are 5 pillars of an off-ice hockey training program that will produce results.

  1. Strength Training- Make sure you are in the weight room working with loads and other forms of resistance. Too many programs only include the physio-ball and use trendy terms like “strengthening your core.” There is no substitute lifting a load and the stresses it causes. Not to say that bodyweight and ball exercises are not useful, but they should not be the primary method used during the workout.
  2. Speed Development- Science has proven that there is a correlation between running speed and skating speed. A program that works on your ability to move fast on dry land will only make you a faster player on the ice. Watch for getting too technical. Off-ice you are developing athleticism, not a skating stride.
  3. Coordination Development– The Russians strength coaches always talk about the athlete’s ability to make connections within the human body.       If you make these connections quicker or more efficiently, you will have an advantage over the competition.       A program must include a way to challenge your ability to understand where you are in space and how to move in the most efficient way possible. One way would be neural confusion drills.
  4. Cardio-This is one of the most common components of off-ice programs. We all hear about running the hill behind the rink and sprinting up and down the bleachers 20 times. A different angle would be for the program to include metabolic running. This type of conditioning is more closely aligned with how hockey is actually played. Short 30-40 sec sprints with rest in between.
  5. Joint Flexibility- Every athlete could benefit from their joints being more mobile. While there has been considerable debate on the value of stretching, for and against. I am of the belief that strong, flexible, bolted on limbs are able to produce more consistent results over the long time than tight, inflexible joints.
  6. Off-Ice Hockey Specific Drills- Look for programs that challenge your skills and make them better. The only ditch you can fall in would be doing too many things at one time, like stick handling with one hand, juggling a ball in the other hand, hoping on one foot and kicking a soccer ball with the opposite foot. Remember, it is one thing to develop your ability to multitask and another to be in the circus.

A program that is well-balanced and properly thought out will develop all different areas of your game, not just make you strong. Lastly, if your program includes the six mentioned areas of training and stay away from the quick-fix gimmicks, you will be on the road to success.

Dr. Stefan Duma on Football and Hockey Helmet Testing

S_image_dumaDr. Stefan Duma of Virginia Tech University will be joining Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to discuss concussions, helmets and the future quality of the gear. For the last three years, Dr. Duma developed testing strategies and protocols to rate the quality of football and hockey helmets. His hope is to educate the sports world on quality over cost and ways to reduce the number of head injuries in sport.

Click here for Dr. Duma Star Rating System for all helmets. And here for football only.

For the complete interview, visit The McCarthy Project on Blog Talk Radio.

On the show, Dr. Duma announced the webinar that is open to the public, he mentioned to send an email to for free access to the meetings.

Here are the links mentioned on the show.

1. Press Release for rating system for hockey helmets

2. Results for 2014 football helmets

Bio Information on Dr. Duma:

Stefan Duma, professor and head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, was recently named the Harry Wyatt Professor in Engineering. “Dr. Duma is internationally recognized for his landmark studies in injury biomechanics and traumatic brain injury,” said Clay Gabler, chair of the honorifics committee of the Virginia Tech — Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences.

Concussion Research and Equipment

Some Discussion and Potential Solutions to the Concussion Debate in Contact Sports

Dr. Stefan Duma of Virgina Tech University
Dr. Stefan Duma of Virgina Tech University

Dr. Stefan Duma on the history of concussions, challenges to change, and the future of equipment in contact sports.

Dr. Stefan Duma of the Center of Injury Biomechanics at Virginia Tech University in partnership with Wake Forest University joined Stephen McCarthy to talk about the world of concussion. The recent lawsuits by the current and former NFL players has made the subject of concussion a discussion within the fans, parents and young athletes.

Dr. Duma and Stephen covered the history of concussion and sport over the last 60 years and  the challenges that lie ahead for the governing bodies, sports organizations, manufacturers, and the athletes who participate. Lastly, Dr. Duma discussed decisions that can be made based on the current information and research.

For the complete show, click here.

Helmet Ratings from Virgina Tech, click here

About Dr. Stefan Duma:

Stefan Duma, professor and head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, was recently named the Harry Wyatt Professor in Engineering. “Dr. Duma is internationally recognized for his landmark studies in injury biomechanics and traumatic brain injury,” said Clay Gabler, chair of the honorifics committee of the Virginia Tech — Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences.

Author Brian Tuohy of Larceny Games

Brian Tuohy, Author of Larceny Games and The Fix Is In, on Corruption in the Major Sport Leagues

Larceny GamesAuthor Brian Tuohy joined Stephen to talk about his new book, Larceny Games.  It is based on over 400 FBI files and numerous interviews with FBI Agents, sports gamblers and bookmakers.  Brian will be discussing the world of sports entertainment and how it is not a pure as most fans envision.  Professional leagues have argued in court that they are entertainment, not a sport and if they are entertainment, the pro leagues must make sure the product is entertaining with the right actors in the show, right? Sport is the purest form of competition and elite performance, right?

Brian will break it all down and share his thoughts on events that have taken place in recent times that will challenge your viewpoints on the role of sport in our society.

For the complete interview, visit here.

Brian will be making an appearance at the Twin Cities Book Festival on October 12, 2013 in the Local Lit Lounge at 4pm. Check out their website for specific times and locations.

For more information on Brian Tuohy, visit his website.

Brian Tuohy is America’s leading expert in game fixing in sports, having written about the subject for more than a decade. He is best known as the author of The Fix Is In: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NASCAR which was published by Feral House in 2010. The book gained national and international attention as it was reviewed by the Wall Street Journal, the nationally syndicated The Bookworm Sez, the Independent in the United Kingdom, and Milwaukee’s Shepherd Express among others.


Sauce Hockey and BizNasty

The Story Behind BizNasty and Sauce Hockey with CEO Eric Kleineck

CEO Eric Kleineck of Sauce Hockey
CEO Eric Kleineck of Sauce Hockey

CEO of Sauce Hockey Eric Kleineck will sharing the story of Sauce Hockey, “the sauce life” and Paul Bissonnette aka Biznasty2point0.  He will tell the story of how the company got to know Paul and how the BizNasty line of clothing got started.

To listen to The McCarthy Project Show and the complete interview visit “Sauce Hockey and BizNasty” on Friday, September 13th at 8:00am CST.

Eric took the time to talk about the world of art, music, hockey, as well as, the world of social media.  He has built a brand around what he calls “the hockey language” and how the sauce life is translated into his brand of apparel.  Secondly, he will talk about how their relationship with Paul has developed over the years to take on a life on of its own.

For the interview only, visit here.

BizNasty Paul Bissonnette
BizNasty Paul Bissonnette

About Sauce Hockey:

Sauce Hockey’s vision is to be the industry leader in the lifestyle apparel category. We create design-driven clothing that offers a superior consumer experience. Inspired by hockey, art, fashion, and music, our products tell a story that takes you to a familiar place as a fan and/or player. It’s simple, genuine, honest, and often times showcases the lighter side of the game.

Founded in 2009, by Eric Kleineck and friends over some tall beers and hockey war stories, the brand has grown from 6 t-shirts and 2 hats to a head-to-toe brand sold in over 200 retail stores in the US, Canada, Finland, and Sweden. Sauce Hockey clothing has appeared at events such as the NHL Awards in Las Vegas, Wayne Gretzky’s Fantasy Camp, been spotted in print and web publications such as ESPN The Magazine, The Hockey News, The Fourth Period, Chill Magazine, Arizona Rubber Magazine, Cedar Rapids Gazette, Le Journal de Montreal, and CBS Sports Online among others and worn by tons of big name professional athletes, actors, actresses, musicians and tv personalities.


David Epstein of Sports Illustrated on Genetics in Sport

Sports Illustrated Writer and Author David Epstein on Genetics Role in Training and Sport

Sports Illustrated Writer and Author David Epstein on Genetics Role in Training and SportAuthor David Epstein of The Sports Gene:Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance joined Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to discuss his book and his motive for writing Sports Gene.  Secondly, we discussed how to apply his findings to athletes and the future application of dna or genetic research. Complete interview will be aired on Friday September 6th at 8am CST.

David’s motive was his joy for researching, science and sports. He has always been fascinated with elite performance and why certain athletes from certain areas of the world perform at higher levels.  To listen to this portion of the interview, visit David Epstein and His Story.

During the second part of the interview, we talk about future applications of his research and the trend of analyzing your DNA for the purpose of understanding how you can train at a higher level.  We also discussed some of the pitfalls of the science and how athletes can use the information for their benefit. Click here to listen to David and Stephen’s thoughts on The Future of Genetic Testing and Its Application.

Author and Writer David Epstein
Author and Writer David Epstein

Sports Illustrated Senior Writer David Epstein writes about sports science and medicine, Olympic sports, and is an investigative reporter for SI. His science writing has won a number of awards, including the Society of Professional Journalists 2010 Deadline Club Award for an article on the genetics of sports performance; Time Inc.’s Henry R. Luce Award for public service for an article on the dangers of the dietary supplement industry; and the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association’s “Big Hearted Journalism” award for his story “Following the Trail of Broken Hearts,” on sudden cardiac death in athletes. Epstein was a 2011 Livingston Award finalist for a package that included articles on pain in sports and the anticipatory skills that allow Major Leaguers to hit 100 mph fastballs.

RinkNet Scouting Platform: Hidden Gem in Hockey

Jim Price of RinkNet Scouting Talks Hockey and Recruiting

Jim Price of RInkNet Scouting Software
Jim Price of RInkNet Scouting Software

Jim Price of RinkNet joined Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to talk about scouting hockey, how he created a near monopoly in the world of scouting hockey players, organizing the entire process and how RinkNet is currently used by 29 National Hockey League teams and numerous other high-level clients.

For the complete interview, tune in to “For The Love of The Sport

About Jim Price and RinkNet Scouting Software:

RinkNet Scouting Software has been producing scouting software for various leagues and teams since 1998. Our software is used by 29 NHL teams, plus 125 junior and college clubs in the CHL , NCAA, USHL and many other Tier I and Tier II leagues. Hockey Canada, USA hockey and several European elite league teams also use our software. More than 3,100 hockey professionals use our hockey system daily. We continually work hard to maintain a comprehensive database. Our commitment to expand our coverage of amateur and professional leagues all over the world has made RinkNet the global leader in Scouting Software and information.

Concussions, Supplements, Steroids

News Flash: Concussions on the Rise, Supplements May Be Harmful, Steroids Are Cheating

Today, Stephen McCarthy will be covering a wide range of subjects: The rise in awareness around concussions in athletics and the continued emphasis on diagnosis.  Supplements are marketed to athletes no matter what the company’s science and may include harmful chemicals.  Lastly, in case you last checked it out steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are cheating, but why are athletes still saying that they are not. Rafael Palmeiro and Alex Rodriguez, Lance Armstrong, Tyson Gay, etc.

Rod Aldoff of the Pensacola Ice Flyers on Nutrition and Steroids
Rod Aldoff of the Pensacola Ice Flyers on Nutrition and Steroids

Rod Aldoff, 15 year pro hockey veteran and current head coach for the Pensacola Ice Flyers, will be joining us to discuss life in the world of elite hockey.  Rod will be answering questions on proper balance of nutrition, hydration, and recovery, as well as, hard work will take you to your destiny in life and sport.  He will be discussing some of the ditches or paths that hockey players may fall victim in the their pursuit of the dream of making it to the NHL.

Tune in for the complete show, Concussions, Supplements, and Steroids on Sept 11th at 9:00am CST.

Further Research Links:



Bret Hedican on “Staying in The Moment”

17 year NHL Vet Bret Hedican Talks About Life and Staying in the Moment

By Stephen McCarthy, The McCarthy Project

Bret Hedican "Staying In The Moment"
Bret Hedican “Staying In The Moment”

Host Stephen McCarthy was joined by Bret Hedican last week to talk about the concept of staying in the moment and how to master your sport.

Bret is a 17 year NHL veteran, played on Team USA, and won a Stanley Cup. The amazing part of the story is that he had only one college scholarship offer out of high school. And the offer was not a full ride.

He tells of the challenges he faced his first couple years of college, his Team USA experiences and ultimately, arriving in the NHL.

The best part of the show was the story of playing in the NHL and realizing that he needed to make some changes in how he thought. The 10-15 minute segment on how to develop the ability to stay in the moment, how to practice the concept, and how to own it is timely for all athletes, no matter what you do in life.

For the complete show, visit Staying in the Moment.

For more information on Bret, visit his website.

#C4CT Concussion Awareness Summit: A Door to Discussion

Concussion in Sport: A conversation that needs to take place

Football and Concussion
Football and Concussion

Jack Brewer Sports hosted the #C4CT Concussion Awareness Summit at the Minneapolis Club.   The summit brought together thought leaders from world of sport and more specifically, the world of concussion in sport.  Research scientists, clinicians, vendors, agents and athletes attended the Summit to discuss the topic of concussion in sport.

I was honored to attend the meeting and walked away with a completely different perspective on the short-term and long-term concerns related to concussion in sport.

Some of the attendees sat down with me to talk about life and sport. The show aired last week on The McCarthy Project.

1.  Dr Jay Clugston, University of Florida Football Team Physician,  Dr. Clugston talked about the current situation on how to identify if you or your athlete has had a concussion or a sub-concussion.  He also spoke about the treatment and how to potentially, limit them going forward.  Here is a link to one of the tools he mentioned during the interview. SCAT3 Concussion Assessment Tool

2. Thomas Jones, 12 year NFL veteran, talked about the life of being a football player and it not being reality.  It is an extreme occupation with risks to your long-term life and health.  Concussion is one of those areas, he has spent many hours researching and documenting for future athletes.  The documentary is called NFL: A Gift or A Curse. Visit here for the entire interview.

3. Lance Kendricks, 3 year NFL veteran, talked about life in the NFL and how he grew up in Wisconsin to become a tight end for the St. Louis Rams.  He numerous concussions during his career and he decided to attend the summit on a recommendation of one of his colleagues.  He developed out ways that he felt you could limit the chances of being involved in collisions that cause injury.

4.  Jack Brewer, 5 year NFL veteran, sat down a couple weeks ago to discuss his motives for the Summit and the Blue Gala Celebrity Weekend.  Check out his story of using sports to gain access to education and a spring board to a successful future.  For more information on Jack Brewer events, visit his website.




The Mental Game of an Elite Athlete: Natalie Darwitz

All-American, Olympian Natalie Darwitz and the mindset of playing elite level hockey

natalie darwitz
Natalie Darwitz

Natalie Darwitz spoke about how she started playing hockey as a young girl and how she became an Olympic medalist in hockey.  If you are a young athlete, and you would like to understand how an elite athlete views life and sport. You need to listen to her time on the show, click here.  She started around the 65-70 minute mark.

For more information on Natalie, click here to visit Darwitz Hockey.

The McCarthy Project Announces New Co-Host

Jill Hamilton
Jill Hamilton

Jill Hamilton joins the The McCarthy Project

We are excited to announce that Jill Hamilton with be joining our broadcast team. Jill has a tremendous amount of Radio experience to include 93X and KQRS in numerous roles.  She will be on our Monday show from 11-1pm.


Sauce Hockey and NFL Draft

Eric Kleineck of Sauce Hockey talked Hockey Branding, Chris Murray of Imani Sports on NFL Draft

Eric Keineck, founder of Sauce Hockey, joined us to talk about his company and they started. In 2009, Brett Beckfeld and Eric Kleineck started with a name, 6 tshirts and 2 hats. Since those humble beginnings, Sauce Hockey has become an international brand with a reach outside of hockey into traditional retail markets.

Sauce Life from Sauce Hockey
Sauce Life from Sauce Hockey

They will be expanding into Sweden, Finland and Russia within the next couple months.

For the complete show, click here.

In the second hour, Chris Murray of Imani Sports talked NFL Draft and the process of becoming a pro football player.

For the complete show, click here

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Five Star Basketball: The premier basketball skill development camp in the nation.


Hockey Training: Minnesota Wild Coach Kirk Olson

Kirk Olson of the Minnesota Wild Talked Athlete Development

Kirk Olson of the Minnesota Wild and Total Hockey Minnesota broke down proper on-ice and off-ice training for hockey players. We talked about age specific training and the checkbook sport of hockey.

My apologies for the technical difficulties at the start of the show.  The feed started about 90 seconds into the show.

Kirk Olson is the General Manager of Total Hockey Minnesota. Kirk is responsible for all aspects of Total Hockey Minnesota’s operations and hockey development.

Concurrently, Kirk is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Minnesota Wild. Kirk is responsible for developing, implementing, and executing all aspects of strength and conditioning throughout the Minnesota Wild’s organization.

Kirk Olson of Total Hockey Minnesota and the Minnsota Wild
Kirk Olson of Total Hockey Minnesota and the Minnesota Wild

Kirk Olson has been coaching and training athletes for many years. Before coming to Total Hockey Minnesota and the Minnesota Wild, Olson was training athletes in a private capacity, focusing primarily on the development of hockey players. He spent three seasons with the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings’ Strength and Conditioning Staff before entering the private sector to practice his trade.

Sponsors: The online strength and speed development source for athletes, trainers, and coaches.

Five Star Basketball: The premier basketball skill development camp in the nation.

Minnesota State Hockey Tournament Weekend

Vendor Awards for Minnesota State Hockey Tournament Trade Show

This weekend is the Super Bowl of high school hockey tournaments.  The Minnesota State Hockey Tournament. The tournament always creates a buzz in the sports community every year.  Today, my son and I went down to the River Centre in St. Paul to the trade show to see what’s happening.

Warrior: Minnesota State Hockey, River Centre St. Paul, MN
Warrior: Minnesota State Hockey, River Centre St. Paul, MN

The main part of the show is always the big boys and what they are doing.  I thought the best of the show was the Warrior booth.  It allowed players to time their shot, but it went one step further. Warrior compared your results to  “Best of the Day” and “All-Time Best” speeds. By far the most interactive and cool for the kids.

Best of the Show Overall goes to Sauce Hockey.  Mike Smith and his boys had a great booth and some edgy apparel.  That was not the best part today. It was the DJ under Biznasty sign.  He pumped out some great music for the whole auditorium.  It made the event come alive.Sauce Hockey at Minnesota State Hockey Tournament

For the coolest new product at the Minnesota state hockey tournament this year goes to COCO5.  It is a sports drink that is all natural. They are attempting to replace the sports drinks with high-fructose corn syrup.  It tasted fantastic and is all natural.  On the endorsement side, they already have 2-3 NHL pro teams using the product.

Total Hockey Minnesota
Total Hockey Minnesota

Best Training Company booth.  Being a trainer, I have a special place in my heart and understanding of the guys.  It is one of the most important products for developing young athletes, but it is not sexy. And sometimes, not the cool thing to discuss.  Total Hockey Minnesota had the best booth.  Lots of helpful staff, great giveaways. Overall great presentation.

The award for the “Love of the Game” goes to Kyle Oen from Vintage Minnesota Hockey.  He sells jerseys, yes.  But their is more to Kyle than just selling stuff.  He has done more work on the history of Minnesota hockey than anybody I know.  He would rather talk about the legends of

Kyle Oen of Vintage Minnesota Hockey
Kyle Oen of Vintage Minnesota Hockey

the past than sell jerseys.  But needs to sell jerseys, so he can tell stories.  He is the real deal when it comes to keeping the legends and past heroes alive.

For more detailed information, listen to our special report on the show.

Sponsors: The online strength and speed development source for athletes, trainers, and coaches.

Five Star Basketball: The premier basketball skill development camp in the world.

Team Development in Elite Competition

Coach Tom Dasovich from Minnetonka High School Basketball and Coach Rod Aldoff from the Minnesota Wilderness Junior Hockey Club discussed how to develop a strong team culture in the short term and the long term.  Both coaches have had tremendous success in developing teams and the concepts discussed transcend the sport they coach.

Check out the show on blog talk radio

STACK.COM: Off-Ice Hockey Training

Here is a list of the 6 major areas to focus your time and effort to develop your speed on the ice with off-ice hockey training.

1. Strength Training

off-ice hockey training
On Ice Speed from Off-Ice Hockey Training

2. Speed Training

3.  Coordination Training

4.  Cardio

5. Flexibility

6. Off-ice drills

Check out for more details around each one of these areas.

Remember a consistent, systematic development is better than chasing the new fad.

Minnesota Hockey Mag: Off-Ice Workouts, On-Ice Speed

We posted an article with Minnesota Hockey Magazine related to off-ice workouts.  Every athlete would like to be faster on the ice. One of the big keys to training properly is to be organized. You can work very hard and not get the full benefit of your work, if you dont pay attention to the exercises used and their order.

The unorganized approach to training in the US is making athletes work harder for smaller results. The thought that it was a great workout because you are sore the next day is wrong.  That was caused by a lazy trainer who thought volume was the solver to the training worlds problems. This needs to be fixed immediately.

Check out our post for additional information related to off-ice workouts out in a organized fashion.


Minnesota Hockey Magazine: Coordination Training

Check out our article on coordination training and vision coach training.

Secondly, we put together a couple videos to show what the neural confusion drills actually look like in action.

At The McCarthy Project, we believe that all athletes should be able to what they want when they want, not just look good in the mirror or on the program.  The funny thing about these drills is that I learned from a Big Ten college strength coach.  So good enough for them, they should be good enough for the rest of us.


Who Would Have Thought? Derek Peltier

Reflecting on athletes that have come through our gym.

Derek Peltier.. Pro Hockey Player.

We only worked with Derek for one summer.  But I remember.. He was just a great kid who came in and did his work.  He could also crush a golf ball, but I guess most hockey players can. Shaun Goodsell always said he was going to be one of the guys who made it and he was right on.  His motive for using our company was very simple.  To transition from the basic high school strength program to higher intensity Division 1 college workouts.

The rest is history.. Excellent career with the Gophers and onto pro hockey.

Who Would Have Thought? Sam Lofquist

Just reflecting on past clients and where they are now.

One is Sam Lofquist.. Yup, the same one who played for the Golden Gophers.

We worked with him long ago.  Back in the early 2000’s.  Back then Gordy would make what he called the “loop”  He would drive from Spooner, WI to Bloomington, MN to Rogers, MN and then back to Spooner, WI. like three times a week.  He would work out with Bernie McBain at Minnesota Made then up to workout with one of our trainers in the weight room and then back home.  All the while Same was doing his homework in the car.  Everybody thought he was weird from doing all that driving, but look what his son has done.  And when we worked with him.. He was a great kid, but we would not have said his was the one who was going to make it.   He persevered, paid the price, and in the end he made it.  Congrats to Gordy and Sam.