Minnesota State Hockey Tournament Weekend

Vendor Awards for Minnesota State Hockey Tournament Trade Show

This weekend is the Super Bowl of high school hockey tournaments.  The Minnesota State Hockey Tournament. The tournament always creates a buzz in the sports community every year.  Today, my son and I went down to the River Centre in St. Paul to the trade show to see what’s happening.

Warrior: Minnesota State Hockey, River Centre St. Paul, MN
Warrior: Minnesota State Hockey, River Centre St. Paul, MN

The main part of the show is always the big boys and what they are doing.  I thought the best of the show was the Warrior booth.  It allowed players to time their shot, but it went one step further. Warrior compared your results to  “Best of the Day” and “All-Time Best” speeds. By far the most interactive and cool for the kids.

Best of the Show Overall goes to Sauce Hockey.  Mike Smith and his boys had a great booth and some edgy apparel.  That was not the best part today. It was the DJ under Biznasty sign.  He pumped out some great music for the whole auditorium.  It made the event come alive.Sauce Hockey at Minnesota State Hockey Tournament

For the coolest new product at the Minnesota state hockey tournament this year goes to COCO5.  It is a sports drink that is all natural. They are attempting to replace the sports drinks with high-fructose corn syrup.  It tasted fantastic and is all natural.  On the endorsement side, they already have 2-3 NHL pro teams using the product.

Total Hockey Minnesota
Total Hockey Minnesota

Best Training Company booth.  Being a trainer, I have a special place in my heart and understanding of the guys.  It is one of the most important products for developing young athletes, but it is not sexy. And sometimes, not the cool thing to discuss.  Total Hockey Minnesota had the best booth.  Lots of helpful staff, great giveaways. Overall great presentation.

The award for the “Love of the Game” goes to Kyle Oen from Vintage Minnesota Hockey.  He sells jerseys, yes.  But their is more to Kyle than just selling stuff.  He has done more work on the history of Minnesota hockey than anybody I know.  He would rather talk about the legends of

Kyle Oen of Vintage Minnesota Hockey
Kyle Oen of Vintage Minnesota Hockey

the past than sell jerseys.  But needs to sell jerseys, so he can tell stories.  He is the real deal when it comes to keeping the legends and past heroes alive.

For more detailed information, listen to our special report on the show.


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