Genetically Modified Organisms and Sport Performance

Increase Performance by Eliminating Genetically Modified Organisms in Your Diet

Genetically modified organisms are the cause of a major disconnect in the life of every athlete. They cause performance to decrease, as well as, do not allow athletes to recover as fast as they should.

What is a genetically modified organism or gmo?

In the broadest sense, the definition of gmo is an organism that has been modified from its natural state. A scientific definition would be an organism whose genetic characteristics have been altered by the insertion of a modified gene or a gene from another organism using the techniques of genetic engineering.

Genetically Modified Organisms: Salmon
Genetically Modified Organisms: Salmon

Here are a few examples of genetically modified organisms:

  1. Salmon made to grow bigger and faster than real salmon
  2. Crops that kill insects while it is growing
  3. Use of seeds to create watermelon without seeds or to create other desirable traits.

A recent study out of France has shown that diet made up of gmo Corn caused serious health challenges. Here lies the disconnect; the gmo food item does not have the nutrients you need to perform your best, and it is also breaking you down further. The food item has been modified from its natural state and does not possess the same nutrient density that a real or non-gmo food item.

If athletes would grasp this simple concept of eating non-gmo food items, the athlete would have a competitive advantage and not have to change his diet.


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