An Argument for Oxygen Supplementation in Athletes

Oxygen Supplementation in Athletes a radical, new and old, thought?

Live o2, Oxygen Supplementation in Athletes

The great thing about life is perspective.  You can use the information intended for one purpose, but with a different perspective you can look from a different angle, you can see an entirely new conclusion.  My hope is to walk you down the road to see that we have missed one of the most basic building blocks of performance in sport, oxygen.

The question I have always wanted to answer is how Native Americans were able to go on physically demanding hunts, maintain a slendor, muscular build without motor learning research performed during practice sessions or treadmills for endurance work or completed Olympic lifts in their weight room. So how could it be that they were able to accomplish such feats of  endurance and strength without all the training?

My first hypothesis is oxygen and our current lack there of, in our current lives.

Here are my thoughts that lead me to this conclusion.

  1. Otto Warburg, a mid 20th century cell biologist in Germany, cellular respiration is simple truth: cells that cannot breathe, cannot, and will not ever, work properly. Anything that skips the first and obvious neglects the
    metabolism of life.
  2. Current Atmospheric levels:  Compared to prehistoric times, the level of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere has declined by over a third and in polluted cities the decline may be more than 50%. This change in the makeup of the air we breathe has potentially serious implications for our health and performance, according to Roddy Newman and his book, The Oxygen Crisis.
  3. Manfred von Ardenne, developed in the late 1960s by Professor von Ardenne, (a student of Dr. Otto Warburg), Oxygen Multistep Therapy combines oxygen therapy, elements that facilitate intracellular oxygen turnover, and physical exercise adapted to individual performance levels.
  4. Dr. Mark Sircus states, “long and hard is the search for substances that athletes can use to increase sports performance. There are more than several substances that are natural, legal, non-toxic and safe that athletes can use, but like everywhere else in the world of medicine most still prefer dangerous pharmaceuticals to natural medicinals even with the risk of being discovered and banned from competition.”  and, “extra oxygen increases muscles’ energy production improving athletic output ability; intensity and duration.  The secret to Olympic success is higher concentrations of oxygen delivery to the cells.. ” For entire post, click here
  5. Oxygen has been proven to be a natural, ethical & legal way to stimulate biologically effective levels of growth hormones, especially the ones ethic-challenged athletes use illegally, like EPO, erythropoietin AND HGH, Human Growth Hormone?

I realize that additional details may be needed to connect these dots into a more detailed, comprehensive study, suffice to say that increasing your oxygen intake would benefit athletes, both in the short and long run.




The McCarthy Project EWOT Sessions

Exercise With Oxygen Training Sessions For Elite Performance in Life and Sport

live_o2_logoOver the years, The McCarthy Project has developed gestalt theory of elite performance and oxygen is a major component of that philosophy. Each session is 30 minutes in length: a 5-10 warm-up on a treadmill, or a bike trainer (you can use your own bike. if desired) followed by a 15 minute training session and a 5 minute cool down.

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Oxygen Training with LiveO2 Systems
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Some EWOT Training benefits include:
1. Increased oxygen saturation for the purpose of delayed onset of muscle soreness
2. Development of auto-immune system
3. Super charge current nutrition strategies with the increased oxygen levels
4. Amplify body’s natural hormones for an increase in muscle mass



Live O2: Leading Edge Oxygen Training for Elite Performance

Exercise With Oxygen Training: A part of the The McCarthy Project’s Gestalt Theory of Elite Performance

Over the years, The McCarthy Project has seen or worked with hyperbaric tents and systems, altitude training, elevation masks, and virtual reality trainers for the simple purpose of gaining an edge for athletes. After live_o2_logomany years of searching, The McCarthy Project believes that adding oxygen and oxygen training (i.e. exercise with oxygen training or EWOT) could be one of those Rosetta stones for athletes. It amazes the mind that you could move all around the idea of oxygen by taking oxygen away, sleeping low, training high and then the opposite (sleeping high, training low) to sleeping in a tent, but the idea of adding oxygen during a 15 minute workout could or would be the answer, but if you take the time to understand the science behind oxygen training, you will uncover that their are major benefits for working with oxygen and the Live O2 system.

Benefits Include:
1. Increased oxygen saturation for the purpose of delayed onset of muscle soreness
2. Development of auto-immune system
3. Super charge current nutrition strategies with the increased oxygen levels
4. Amplify body’s natural hormones for an increase in muscle mass

Oxygen Training with LiveO2 Systems
LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast System

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Additional Information:

” LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast lets you switch between oxygen-reduced and oxygen-rich air during exercise. This creates a “magic moment” of super-oxygenation for the brain, liver and kidneys,” Live O2

Secondly,  The following quote is from a post on the subject of Dara Torres, US Olympic swimmer.  For entire post, visit here

“Dara Torres started to see some unexpected effects beyond endurance and strength.  She gained a lot of muscle — fast. The scale showed about 12 pounds of muscle gain from Jan thru March.  Don’t get me wrong – Dara is the totally awesome athlete – but how could she add that much muscle that fast at 45? The new muscle mass made her look much stronger than the Time Magazine cover.  Her shoulders were at least 2 inches broader this year – and her already awesome legs were wicked ripped. Why?”

Dr. Palacios compares his experience with LiveOperformance to his 15 years of experience with medical hyperbaric treatment.

Gluten-Free Camp for Athletes

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This two day camp in Annandale, MN located on Clearwater Lake is focused entirely on athletes or families with athletes who are diagnosed with celiac disease or have a gluten intolerance.  Our hope is to create a unique atmosphere for young athletes who have to eat “that other food,” to realize that this circumstance can be turned around in a way to improve their performance.   Our  leading edge nutrition and training ideas allow young people to reach their full potential, rather than the situation becoming an hindrance. Food is made in a safe and dedicated gluten-free kitchen.    On top of that, each athlete will be challenged by the outdoor strategy and performance games, which culminates with a zipline session on the second day.

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Camp Itinerary:

Below is a sample camp itinerary. Times and order of the sessions will be adjusted based on the groups needs.
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About The McCarthy Project:

Stephen McCarthy, BES, CFT, Director of The McCarthy Project, Stephen has researched and developed innovative training and skill development techniques specific to life and sport for over 15 years. His corporate and individual clients have accomplished their goals of a higher standard of health and wellness. He has trained thousands of athletes, as well as, being a certified personal trainer holding a degree in Liberal Studies from St. Cloud State University.

Quotes from Clients:

“Stephen worked with my daughter after a high ankle sprain.  He did more in 3 days then any other trainer had done for her in 10 days.  The methods he used to get her walking again were awesome.  Stephen is one who thinks outside the box and gets his kids back to the sports they love quickly and stronger. ” – Marit Larson, Mom of a young athlete.

“Stephen’s dedication to athletes of all ages and sport is unquestioned. He uses programs that benefit the athlete no matter the sport. I witnessed his work with a local swim team and not only did the athletes improve from the conditioning and strength, they looked forward to doing them again and again.” – Colby Fuller, youth coach

Tom Brady: Coca-Cola “Poison for Kids”

By Christina Sarich,

101915bradycokeNew England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady called Coca-Cola “poison for kids.”

“You probably go out and drink Coca-Cola and think, ‘Oh yeah, that’s no problem,’” he said on the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show. “Why, because they pay lots of money for advertisements that think that you should drink Coca-Cola for a living?”

“No, I totally disagree with that and when people do that, I think that’s quackery, and just the fact that they can sell that to kids? That’s poison for kids.”

Regular coke does contains high-fructose corn syrup, which has been linked to a variety of health problems including high blood pressure and obesity.

Also he noted frosted flakes…

But Brady didn’t just attack coke: he also questioned whether Frosted Flakes is “actually a food.”

“You keep eating those things and you keep wondering why we do have just incredible rates of disease in our country,” the quarterback said.

Like Coca-Cola, Frosted Flakes also contains high-fructose corn syrup.

“Another reason to avoid fructose is that its most common form, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), is derived from genetically modified corn,” Sarich pointed out. “That means it was developed in a lab, not grown and milled before it ended up in your table.”

For complete article, visit here

Synthetic Gene Drive and Designer Athletes

By Stephen McCarthy, The McCarthy Project dna-694798_1280

For all of us who lived in the 1980’s, Rocky in Rocky IV gets absolutely demolished by the genetically and medically-enhanced Russian boxer, but refuses to quit, he wins right? The evil Russians were cheating anyways, right?    Within this context, enter synthetic gene drive technology with the capability of creating designer athletes.  Oh, I mean genetically modified human beings, we win right?

UPDATE: 5/13/16 New York Times: Scientists Hold Secret Meeting To Create Synthetic Genome

The new technologies like gene drive are editing and changing the DNA of human beings, breaking down ancient boundaries, creating genetically engineered human beings, are they human beings?  Frankenstein athletes? Russian boxers?

Designer insects and designer babies, all sound really cool, but the science is not perfect and potentially, has unintended consequences.  Furthermore, the question of what will happen to the rest of the athletes who don’t have access to the technology?  Or what are the long term health concerns, intended or unintended, for athletes who are touched by a synthetic gene drive organism? What happens to the next generation of athletes who are conceived by the new athletes? And this is just the starter questions.

From the nature angle, listen to my interview with David Epstein of  Sports Illustrated on genetics in sport.  Or Micheal Much of on nature vs nurture.

I will forever argue that the nurture process is strong enough to overcome the nature process, assuming the nature portion is not genetically engineered.  Allow the natural order of true vitalism and the human spirit to be the deciding factors, not genetic modification.

The ultimate question for athletes is would you like to be a designer athlete or compete against a designer athlete? Is this ethical? As far as food is concerned, it may look like a banana, but is it really a banana if the foundation building blocks are modified? Moreover, it may look like a human, but is it really a human being?

Here are a couple quotes to start your research:

From The Independent:

A powerful new technique for generating “supercharged” genetically modified organisms that can spread rapidly in the wild has caused alarm among scientists who fear that it may be misused, accidentally or deliberately, and cause a health emergency or environmental disaster.

The development of so-called “gene drive” technology promises to revolutionize medicine and agriculture because it can in theory stop the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses, such as malaria and yellow fever, as well as eliminate crop pests and invasive species such as rats and cane toads.

From Wired

The stakes, however, have changed. Everyone at the Napa meeting had access to a gene-editing technique called Crispr-Cas9. The first term is an acronym for “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats,” a description of the genetic basis of the method; Cas9 is the name of a protein that makes it work. Technical details aside, Crispr-Cas9 makes it easy, cheap, and fast to move genes around—any genes, in any living thing, from bacteria to people. “These are monumental moments in the history of biomedical research,” Baltimore says. “They don’t happen every day.” The technique is revolutionary, and like all revolutions, it’s perilous. Crispr goes well beyond anything the Asilomar conference discussed. It could at last allow genetics researchers to conjure everything anyone has ever worried they would—designer babies, invasive mutants, species-specific bioweapons, and a dozen other apocalyptic sci-fi tropes. It brings with it all-new rules for the practice of research in the life sciences. But no one knows what the rules are—or who will be the first to break them.

From International Business Times

Synthetic gene drives, using a simple gene editing system called CRISPR, can, for example, alter the traits of mosquitoes or invasive cane toads, and even eradicate the species. The technology offers tremendous benefits to human health and crops. But potential for misuse by terror groups or accidental release from labs is high, as these “super” organisms can spread rapidly, and cause health and environmental disasters.

Female Athletes and Sugar

By Dr. Cate Shanahan,

volleyball-673552_1280A recent Medscape article entitled Nutrition for the Female Athlete makes the startling claim that young women engaged in gymnastics, distance running, diving, figure skating and ballet “commonly have inadequate nutritional intake.”

This brought my attention to one of the references supporting that statement, a 2013 article called “Dietary Intakes and Eating Habits of College Athletes: Are Female College Athletes Following the Current Sports Nutrition Standards?” In that article, they cite their own research into the macronutrient intakes of female college athletes. They claim that seventy five percent of the women they studied “failed to consume the minimum amount of carbohydrates that is required to support training.” Women in the study consumed an average of 257 grams of carb, with the range going from a low of 103 grams to a high of 460 grams.

Dietary sugar and starch are counted as carb. But as I’ve said many times, carb is broken down into sugar by the digestive system and by the time carb enters the bloodstream it is in the form of sugar. So it would be more accurate to count dietary sugar and starch as sugar and speak about all carbs in terms of their sugar content.

257 grams of sugar seems like plenty of sugar to me. From complete post, visit Dr. Cate’s website

Food Allergies and GMO Foods Linked?

By Christina Sarich, Infowars, June 17, 2015

vegetables-86256_640Food allergies already affect more than 15 million Americans while things like gluten sensitivity hits a whopping 18 million individuals. What’s more, the cost for treating children’s food allergies is expected to rise to $25 billion per year. But biotech companies like Monsanto continue to claim they have no culpability.

Why are food allergies on the rise? Well let’s look at some obvious facts:

  • Proteins in food are what most commonly cause allergic reactions, and when proteins are gene-spliced, the body has a harder time digesting them. We are eating gene-edited proteins in today’s diet that humans have never eaten before, and most of them have never been tested for safety.
  • You can determine for yourself if this is coincidence or pre-meditated creation, but some of the most common food allergies are to soy, tree nuts, wheat, shellfish, peanuts, eggs, milk, and fish. Many of the items on this list have been genetically modified, or they hardly resemble their original state after corporate farming got their hands on them, as in the case of wheat.
  • Almost all crops engineered to be ‘insect-resistant’ are also turning out to be harmful to the human intestinal tract in the least, and this would obviously call into question food allergies which cause irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), skin rashes, and upper respiratory issues since these are the very same health issues associated with pesticide and herbicide use. As Dr. Mercola has pointed out, eating Bt crops could turn your gut into a living pesticide factory. It is estimated that more than 65 percent of all corn planted in the US is now Bt toxic GM corn. It appears in thousands of food products – no wonder we’re all allergic. Even ‘neutral’ scientific articles point out the dangers of Bt crops.

Even if you don’t eat GMOs directly, if you consume poultry, dairy, eggs, seafood, pork, or red meat, you are likely consuming an animal that has been fed GM food, and therefore, are increasing your risk for food-borne allergies.

The precautionary principle has been thrown out and regulatory agencies have allowed biotech companies like Monsanto, Dow, and Syngenta to ruin our food. Food allergies were nearly unheard of except for an occasional shellfish reaction a hundred years ago. Now we’re all eating genetically modified food.

Non-GMO, Organic Diet By Pro Athletes

By Dr. Mercola,

russia-gmo-foods-ban.si_This wildly popular fitness routine will hinder your results, not help them. That may be why pro athletes like LeBron James, Ray Allen, Nell Stephenson, and many others are turning their backs on it, trading it instead for this. Should you join them?

If you want your body to perform optimally, you need real food and all-natural nutrients. This is commonsense advice for everyone, but perhaps of particular importance for athletes.

Although you’d think professional athletes would know better, many still make unwise food- and lifestyle choices. This is largely related to the fact that they are mostly young and their body can compensate for foolish food choices (think Michael Phelps).

With all the exercise they get, the damaging effects of poor food choices tend to be held at bay longer than for someone who is sedentary, but sooner or later it does catch up with you, and athletes who take a more natural, whole foods approach usually find it really does give them an edge.

The fact is, a high-sugar, high-refined carb diet makes you more prone to muscle and joint deterioration and injury. Who knows how many careers have been cut short due to diminishing skills or injuries?

Right now, I’m thrilled for my hometown hockey team, which has performed exceptionally well, and I congratulate Duncan Keith on his personal achievements in particular.

Duncan is one high-level professional hockey player who decided to take control of his health, and is reaping the rewards of improved performance and well-being.

Energy and stamina doesn’t come from sugar. Taking in simple carbs like sugar, corn syrup, pasta, or bread before an event will tend to cause a quick spike in your blood sugar followed by a corresponding fall, making you feel more exhausted than before. More than anything, simple carbs and excess complex carbs will make you sluggish and hamper your performance. If you want to create energy naturally—and this certainly applies to non-athletes as well—here are four simple rules to follow:

  • Just before a game or hard workout, eat a little bit of fruit, such as an apple, plum, pear, citrus fruit (not juice) or berries. They’re great right before a game or workout, as they give you a small spike without the massive plummet.
  • Two to three hours before a game or hard workout, complex carbs, fats and a small amount of protein will do the trick. Sweet potatoes, brown rice, olive oil, almond butter, flax oil, walnuts, almonds and eggs are all easy to digest and can give you more sustained energy.
  • Post exercise, your body is nitrogen-poor and your muscles have been broken down. That’s why you need amino acids from animal proteins like chicken, beef and eggs, as well as vegetable carbohydrates. Whey protein is another excellent choice here.
  • Although many experts still recommend carb-loading before an endurance event, the fact is, burning sugar is not what happens over long distances. Carbs are stored in your muscles and liver in the form of glycogen that your body uses as fuel. Once this fuel runs out, fatigue sets in and your performance suffers. Your body actually starts burning fats after a short period of time, so therefore, rather than loading up on carbs, loading up on healthy fats and small amounts of protein will typically improve athletic endurance.

Some athletes, including basketball superstars LeBron James and Ray Allen, have started taking this advice to heart—with excellent results. Other athletes jumping onto the high-fat, low-carb diet include Ironman triathlete Nell Stephenson, pro cyclist Dave Zabriskie, ultra-marathoner Timothy Olson, and former Ironman triathlete Ben Greenfield, who is said to have followed a ketogenic diet while training for the 2013 Ironman World Championships.

For the complete article, click here

Sports Drink: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Benefits of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

  • 1 tablespoon of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in 4 ounces of purified water after a meal has been used as a natural remedy for heartburn and as a replacement for toxic heartburn medications.
  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar may help improve bowel irregularity, thereby removing toxins from the body at a faster rate.
  • Helps clear up skin conditions and blemishes giving a more smooth texture and appearance.
  • Raw Apple Cider vinegar may also help with joint pain and stiffness.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar helps to break down fats so that your body can use them rather than store them. For this reason, many diets include ACV in the regimen.
  • On a small scale, ACV was studied by researchers at Arizona State University. The preliminary study was published in Diabetes Care and reported that ACV helps reduce glucose levels [1].

Complete article from Global Healing Center

New Study: Healthy eating and reduced risk of cognitive decline

A cohort from 40 countries

peppers-99627_640Andrew Smyth, MMedSc*, Mahshid Dehghan, PhD*, Martin O’Donnell, PhD, Craig Anderson, MD, Koon Teo, MD, Peggy Gao, MSc, Peter Sleight, DM, Gilles Dagenais, MD, Jeffrey L. Probstfield, MD, Andrew Mente, PhD and Salim Yusuf, DPhil

Results: During 56 months of follow-up, 4,699 cases of cognitive decline occurred. We observed lower risk of cognitive decline among those in the healthiest dietary quintile of modified Alternative Healthy Eating Index compared with lowest quintile (hazard ratio 0.76, 95% confidence interval 0.66–0.86, Q5 vs Q1). Lower risk of cognitive decline was consistent regardless of baseline cognitive level.

Conclusion: We found that higher diet quality was associated with a reduced risk of cognitive decline. Improved diet quality represents an important potential target for reducing the global burden of cognitive decline.

For Entire Study, click here

Video: What happens When a Family Eats Only Organic for Two Weeks

by Christina Sarich | | May 18, 2015

As said by Dr. Jesse Henley, pesticides kill pests by damaging their cellular structure. Though pesticides, fungicides, growth regulators, and herbicides were meant to control how a plant grows, there is no doubt that they affect us too – and we are using more pesticides and herbicides than ever.

Strangely, these chemicals aren’t destroying pests – they are likely destroying us.

As Dr. Henley explains, when pesticides and herbicides were invented, 37 percent of our crops were being lost to pests – 57 years later, more than 37 percent of our crops are being destroyed. What else is being harmed in the process of all this spraying? Complete article

Cell Activation: Key To High End Performance, Part 1

Cell Activation: Chemical reactions within the body that are suppressing performance

In this three part series, we will attempt to cover the suppression of performance, increase of performance, and lastly, recovery as it relates to cellular activation.

hard-labour-285215_1280Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, not a scientist, not a biologist, just a intellectual omnivore who is a certified personal trainer connecting the dots to elite performance. As always, this post is meant to be a starting point for additional research and debate as each one of these subjects have thousands of books, articles and studies previously published.

In today’s world of sport, it occurred to me that we always ask the question, “What can I do to improve my performance?” But why don’t we ask the question, “What am I doing to suppress my performance?”  I believe thousands of athletes are attempting to be their best, but they are like the gentleman pulling a heavy cart all day, every day, eventually, you breakdown and will not able to perform your best.  Hence, the former question seems to be the starting point, but I would argue that is is the later.

With that said,  what actions we are taking against ourselves to suppress our very own performance?

1.  Doses of fluoride via the water, toothpaste, and food:  We have all heard that fluoride is naturally occurring and aids in preventing dental caries.  Well, it is time to rip the band-aid off the “good reputation” and look further into the research.  Check out this study completed in 2010 titled, ” Molecular mechanisms of fluoride toxicity” For additional information, visit The Fluoride Action Network

Until the 1990’s, the toxicity of fluoride was largely ignored due to its “good reputation” for  preventing caries via topical application and in dental toothpastes. However, in the last decade, interest in its undesirable effects has resurfaced due to the awareness that those element interacts with cellular system even at low does.  In recent years, several investigations demonstrated that fluoride can induce oxidative stress … Genes modulated by fluoride include those related to the stress response, metabolic enzymes, the cell cycle communications and signal transportation.

2.  Endocrine Disruptors and Estrogen Mimickers: Endocrine disruptors are group of chemicals found in our every day life that mess with our endocrine systems, BPA in plastic bottles, Teflon on  cooking utensils, to name a few.  For a complete list, visit Environment Working Group   Estrogen mimickers are another group of chemicals and pharmaceuticals that mimics estrogen in both men and women, which lead to a change in each persons hormonal balance, more specifically, in men the lowering of testosterone. List on Natural News.

4.  Genetic engineering of the food supply:

5.  Excitotoxins:

6.  Over use of pesticides and herbicides within the food supply:

5.  Heavy metals in the vaccines, and food supply:

6.  Systematic, non-creative, command and control, “kill yourself” workouts:

So how do we eliminate the harmful effects of the aforementioned? Simply, to the best of your ability eliminate them from your life. Agreed, easier said than done, but for those seeking elite performance in life and sport, it would simply be the starting point of your journey and part of the price on the journey to attaining your absolute best in life.

Next week, we will move onto the ways and steps we can take to improve the performance of our bodies.



Factory Farm Antibiotics Making Children ‘Allergic to Fruits and Vegetables’

By Christina Sarich, Infowars, March 11, 2015

Farmers who are using antibiotics to keep pests away from their crops are making children allergic to the fruits and vegetables they grow, research suggests.

Several years ago, more than 150 scientists and 50 farmers came out in support of stricter limits on antibiotics used in animal agriculture as part of a broader effort to tackle the public health crisis caused by growing antibiotic resistance. But now, in a case highlighted in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, this concern rears its head more aggressively. Not only are antibiotics that are used in livestock harmful, but the antibiotics being used on fruits and vegetables are causing other problems.

The journal had detailed how a 10-year-old girl who ate a blueberry pie had a near-fatal allergic reaction. It turns out the problem wasn’t the blueberries, but the antibiotic streptomycin. The blueberries had been treated with the antibiotic to keep bacteria, fungi, and algae from growing on the fruit.

Is Fluoride and Elite Performance Linked?

bathroom-15612_1280By Stephen McCarthy, The McCarthy Project

This week I ask the question, Is fluoride usage linked to decreasing performance within athletes?

The notion that fluoride improves our dental health, as well as, limits bacteria in our mouth has been around for my entire lifetime. My hope to challenge the “status quo” enough to spark a conversation by asking hard and potentially, controversial questions.

  • Is fluoridation of drinking water and fluoride toothpaste tied to an athletes performance?
  • Can fluoridation even be mentioned in the same conversation as elite performance?
  • Is fluoride in our body an enhancer or inhibitor?
  • Can you improve your brain’s ability to communicate with your body and function at a higher level with or without fluoride?
  • If you chose non-fluoridated water, could you make decisions quicker? Could you see things before your competition?

The research leads me to believe that fluoride has decreased an athlete’s ability to perform and by limiting its use, you can improve performance.

Here are a few links available to start the journey.

“If fluoride is really the panacea for dental disease that it’s been portrayed as, then why is it that the United States is one of the only developed countries that fluoridates their citizens’ drinking water?

Hint: It’s not because the other countries aren’t aware of fluoride’s supposed “miracle” powers for your teeth … it’s because they fully realize that adding a known poison to your population’s water supply is probably not a good idea.”

  • water-90781_640Fluoride linked to negative brain functions. Click here, here, and here .

So I beg the question.. Is it plausible to improve athlete’s performance by drinking a non-fluoridated water source?

I would love to hear your thoughts or comments.

Additional Research:

7 studies that did not connect IQ and Fluoride

American Dental Association Fluoridation Facts A great read about all the positives, with no studies on the side effects of fluoridation.

Quote from an Alcoa-backed book named. “Fluorides in the Environment

Fluoride emissions from volcanoes and the natural occurrence of excessive amounts of fluoride in drinking water have affected the health of humans and livestock for centuries, if not millennia. In addition to these natural sources, the use of fluoride as a flux, as a feed material in the chemical industry, its occurrence as a contaminant in phosphates and coal, and its use in a myriad of organic compounds have led to widespread air pollution and environmental damage. For over a century inorganic fluoride emissions damaged crops, forests and natural vegetation, and they caused fluorosis in factory workers, livestock and wild mammals. There is no doubt that inorganic fluoride was one of the major air pollutants of the 20th century but in the last 40 years there have been enormous improvements in the containment and scrubbing of emissions, so at the present time modern fluorideemitting industries generally have little or no environmental impact outside the factory fence.

Entire book Fluorides in the Environment This book is a very interesting read, but confirms that inorganic fluoride has negative side effects and even, high amounts of natural or organic fluoride causes human health to deteriorate.

Additional Website:

Fluoride Action Network

Would more milk do NBA players good?

drip-175551_640When Lakers rookie forward Julius Randle suffered a broken leg in his NBA debut, most believed it was just a freak accident. Dr. Cate Shanahan, the director of the Lakers PRO Nutrition Program, has a different view.

“He just didn’t have enough dairy in his life,” Shanahan said.

It’s not an issue that she believes is exclusive to Randle.

From the broken leg suffered by Indiana Pacers forward in August to the broken leg that Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered in the 2013 NCAA tournament, Shanahan believes there’s a dangerous trend, one that she said she predicted would happen a few years ago.

“From my perspective, there’s an epidemic of bone health problems in pro sports because guys are drinking soda instead of milk,” Shanahan said. “They’re just not getting enough calcium.”

She said she has calculated that some players are only getting 25 to 30 percent of the recommended daily calcium intake. ( recommends that adult males between 19 and 50 take 1,000 milligrams of calcium on a daily basis.)

But she also stressed that taking calcium pills isn’t enough to help strengthen bones. “We’re not designed to eat pills,” she said.

Shanahan said a key issue is the stigma surrounding dairy products.

“The big thing you get from dieticians is you have to worry about fat,” she said. “Dieticians are obsessed with calories. For some reason, they’re more obsessed about fat calories than sugar calories.”

That notion has largely carried over into the world of professional sports, she said. The end result, she said, is more catastrophic leg injuries from something as innocuous as a misplaced landing, such as what happened to George.

“It’s more what you’d expect when somebody is hit by a car versus when somebody is landing wrong,” she said.

Randle’s injury was even more perplexing to her.

“According to what I saw [with Randle], it wasn’t even the landing,” she said. “The problem started on takeoff. It looked to me like he twisted his leg when he broke off the ground.”

Regardless, Shanahan said the Lakers don’t look at dairy in a negative light. They serve players grass-fed cheese and Kobe Bryant drinks a low-sugar chocolate milk after games specially prepared by Whole Foods.

“We promote dairy,” Shanahan said. “We try to downplay the role of soda and even energy drinks.”

For complete article, click here.  If you would like to know more on how real milk can improve performance, contact Stephen McCarthy at 612-741-0982.

Chicken soup for the aging star’s soul

Bone broth helping to keep Kobe Bryant on the court in the twilight of his career

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant lay crumpled on the court, his left ankle severely sprained after landing on an opponent’s foot. Dr. Cate Shanahan saw it all unfold on TV and immediately picked up the phone. She knew the Lakers’ star needed soup — fast.

Shanahan, the director of the Lakers PRO Nutrition Program, called the chef at the Atlanta hotel where the Lakers were staying that March 2013 night and ordered two bowls of hot chicken vegetable soup to be delivered to Bryant’s room.

This wasn’t your basic, store-bought soup, though. It was made with bone broth, a nourishing concoction rich in nutrient and minerals — and especially collagen — produced by simmering bones (pig, cow, fish, etc.) and other ingredients for hours.

Bryant called the sprain his worst since 2000. His ankle swelled to the size of a tennis ball. He was out “indefinitely.”

He missed only two games.

As Bryant creeps toward the two-decade mark in the NBA, every element of how he prepares, trains and recovers is so much more important, so much more amplified. Including what’s in his soup bowl, bone broth has become a daily staple of Bryant’s diet over the past three years. It’s the foundation of his pregame meal at home and on the road, and the Lakers put in long hours to make sure it’s carefully prepared for him at all times.”I’ve been doing the bone broth for a while now,” Bryant said. “It’s great – energy, inflammation. It’s great.”

For complete article, click here. Or Bone Broth: One of Your Most Healing Diet Stapes By Joseph Mercola

If you would like more information on other ways to improve performance with your diet, call Stephen McCarthy at 612-741-0982.

Cordyceps: Natural Herb For Improved Stamina

man-80086_640In Chinese medicine there are approximate 120 herbs (out of thousands) that are ‘tonics.’ Some tonics are also known as ‘superior’ herbs – Superior tonic herbs can rebuild organ systems and repair damage from chronic diseases.For an herb to get classified as a ‘tonic,’ it must meet the following six specific qualifications (these qualifications are observed over literally thousands of years of use), Anti-aging characteristics include:
1. Broad and profound health; promoting actions that result in a radiant healthy life
2. Must help balance emotional and psychic energies to help improve one’s emotional and spiritual well-being.
3. Must have NO NEGATIVE side effects with reasonable use over a long period of time
4. Must be consumed easily and must be easily digestible and assimilated.
5. Must contain at least one of the three treasures, which are in Chinese medicine distinct types of energy, Jing, Qi and Shen. These 3 energies are complete as a human being.

My favorite of these tonic herbs is Cordyceps. As many of you know we use Cordyceps Sinensis in our NutriCafe Organic Coffees, Cocoa Mojo and our Protein Powder!

Cordyceps is highly regarded as an athlete’s herb, it improves stamina and increases muscle capacity. It is an oxygenating herb, i.e. it allows the body to assimilate oxygen more efficiently. For this reason, cordyceps is given to race horses.

Cordyceps is also known for its ability to improve sexual activity/performance – Many are unaware of this and there are absolutely no side effects!

Click here to read more about Cordyceps, it’s properties and benefits!

Be well!

Steve St. Clair
EnerHealth Botanicals

New Study: Soda Ingredient Poses Cancer Risk to Millions of Americans

By Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars, Febraury 24, 2015

pepsi_canA new study carried out by the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF) has found that millions Americans who consume soda every day are putting themselves at risk of developing cancer as a result of an ingredient contained in many soft drinks.

4-Methylimidazole, commonly known as 4-MEI, is a coloring used by soft drink makers to give their beverages that distinctive dark hue. It can be found in many popular soft drinks, including Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Diet Cola.

However, 4-MEI is a carcinogen that has been found to increase rates of malignant tumors when fed to mice and rats in laboratory studies. Despite this research, the FDA has not restricted its use as a caramel coloring agent in food and drinks.

Sampling 110 brands of soda and soft drinks, the Johns Hopkins researchers found levels of 4-MEI ranging from 9.5 micrograms per liter to 963 micrograms per liter, with diet colas generally having higher concentrations.

The study found that the majority of the beverages sampled contained potentially harmful levels of 4-MEI.

“Soft drink consumers are being exposed to an avoidable and unnecessary cancer risk from an ingredient that is being added to these beverages simply for aesthetic purposes,” said senior author Keeve Nachman, PhD. “This unnecessary exposure poses a threat to public health and raises questions about the continued use of caramel coloring in soda.”

The study concludes that, “Federal regulation of 4-MEI in caramel color may be appropriate”.

Consumer Reports notes that the study is “another reason to cut back on soda, warning that 4-MEI is also, “found in a wide variety of foods, including bread and other baked goods, dark sauces such as soy or barbecue, pancake syrup, and soups.”

“This new analysis underscores our belief that people consume significant amounts of soda that unnecessarily elevate their risk of cancer over the course of a lifetime,” asserted Urvashi Rangan, PhD, adding that the federal government should follow California’s example of setting a threshold for 4-MEI exposure. In the golden state, sodas need to be sold with a cancer warning label if they exceed the 29 ug per day limit.

Previous studies have found levels of 4-MEI that reach almost 700 ug per liter in cola soft drinks, up to 2000 ug per liter in coffee, and up to 28,000 ug/liter in dark beer.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Research Exposes How our Water is Making us Depressed, Sick

Is Fluoride To Blame?

By Mike Barrett, Infowars, February 25, 2015

water-90781_640Adding to the evidence that backs many U.S. communities’ decisions to end water fluoridation, a recent study has found that fluoride within our water supply may be fueling thyroid issues experienced by millions of Americans, leading to depression and more.

After analyzing 98% of GP practices in England, the study found specifically that rates of hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) were 30% more likely in areas that fluoridated their water. In the study, it equated to approximately 15,000 needlessly suffering from the ailment.

As mentioned, hypothyroidism is an issue that affects millions – often without anyone knowing it. It’s an issue that can lead to depression, weight gain, fatigue, aching muscles, weakness, and much more. While there are a number of causes of hypothyroidism, as well as numerous hypothyroidism natural treatments, this recent study suggests that limiting fluoride ingestion is one many should consider.

The study abstract’s findings concluded:

“Findings We found that higher levels of fluoride in drinking water provide a useful contribution for predicting prevalence of hypothyroidism. We found that practices located in the West Midlands (a wholly fluoridated area) are nearly twice as likely to report high hypothyroidism prevalence in comparison to Greater Manchester (non-fluoridated area)”

Professor Stephen Peckham, of the University’s Centre for Health Service Studies (CHSS), said that research was ‘observational,’ and thus no definitive conclusions should be drawn about cause and effect. He also notes how other sources of fluoride were not taken into account, such as toothpaste, food, or other drinks.

In the end, professor Peckham does say that a switch to other approaches to protecting tooth health should be considered.

You can Prevent Fluoridate Ingestion, and Prevent Any Potential Damage

In the guise of protecting and strengthening our teeth, the U.S. government has been adding fluoride to public water supplies for decades. But due to health toxicity and health concerns, many communities have voted to end fluoridation locally. However, if your city hasn’t made the shift yet, don’t worry; you can still avoid ingesting this substance.

While helping to end water fluoridation is the most official way to end fluoride consumption, there are numerous measures you can take to not only avoid fluoride, but reverse the damage it might have done.

Start by investing in a high quality water filtration system that removes fluoride. The filter will note if it filters our fluoride or not, but if you don’t want to look, you can’t go wrong with a reverse osmosis system. Just be sure to add in some apple cider vinegar or Himalayan sea salt to re-mineralize the water.

Additionally, you can utilize selenium, tamarind, and especially iodine to combat fluoride exposure, A compound in the spice turmeric has even been found to attenuate neurotoxicity induced by fluoride, meaning that the spice turmeric can prevent and even reverse damage from exposure to toxic fluoride.

Tell us what you think about water fluoridation – have you fought for your right to drink clean water?

This post originally appeared at Natural Society

Potential Root Cause of Decreased Performance

For 14 years, we have been researching this concept called elite performance. One of the changes we have noticed is young people are not able to hold their attention on a subject as they could years ago. Secondly, they seem to be more complacent, sort of like ho-hum, just another day.

Well, I would like to open the discussion to the potential that vaccines could be one of the roots causes for these trends. You might say, this is not possible. Vaccines are for the flu and other diseases. Stephen, you are out in left field on this one..

All I ask that you open your mind to the following thought.

Some of the major side effects of vaccines are neurological damage like autism, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, to name a few. Well, what is the complete story on the negative chemical reactions taking place inside our body that we are not able to see with the naked eye? Are the vaccines slowing down our thoughts, as well as, changing how our body works? If this is so, I believe coaches would agree that a high sport IQ and quicker decisions are a major competitive advantage for athletes and teams, not talent alone? So I beg the question, by not taking the flu shot and other vaccines, can you improve the performance of yourself and your team or at least allow your team to perform at its best?

As a starting point, review the research. Does this seem plausible? I would be open to hearing your comments.

Additional Research:

Dr. Joseph Mercola on Aluminum, Vaccines and ADHD

Dr. Joseph Mercola on Vaccines and The Spread of Disease

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on history of vaccines and other information

Dr. Russell Blaylock on the “Dangers of Excessive Vaccination”

Vaccination Council on all subjects of interest

Stephen’s Additional Thoughts:

I would like to thank everyone for their feedback.  Below is an opening statement and some of the responses to the “plausible question” mentioned earlier.  My responses to the feedback are italicized.

As a starter, I would agree that vaccination technology and research is not phony and is legitimate, my question resided in the side effects and the need to have an honest, open debate on what is really the truth related to vaccines.   If I could be assured that each component of the vaccine would not have side effects, it is reasonable to take vaccines.  The difficulty I have is the studies from NIH and CDC have contradicted themselves and sometimes,  even omitted data that link neurological problems to vaccines.

Response #1

Clearly, your research is neglecting to examine Nordic skiing, tennis, track, cross country, swimming, etc. I have coached for 44 years, encourage my athletes to stay current in vaccinations, avoid persistent sanitized environments, encouraging exposure to expand personal immunity. My skiers are top performers with an average GPA of 3.674, they are leaders in school, highly competitive, involved in student government, etc. Thank god for polio vaccinations, and a whole host of others. The anti science madness is a disease spawned by ignorant individuals who have no understanding of immunity, health, and vaccines.


Dangerous proposition you make for young people.  My team is motivated and state level as well as national competitors.  They are all vaccinated and your thesis is dangerous and unsupported by real science.

I am not diminishing the possibility that athletes can perform while being vaccinated.  It would be the same as saying, “Every athlete needs to do heavy barbell squats in the weight room for elite performance,” when that has been clearly found to be false.  As there are many elite athletes, who have never seen a weight room and are able to compete at the highest levels.

My question arose out of a more global position and how it may be effecting individual athletes and the following possibilities:

1.  Is it plausible, some, not everyone, could be effected by the use vaccines and their performance had been diminished.

2.  Looking at the known side effects and the chemical makeup of the vaccines begs the question… What are each individual athletes responses to the vaccines.. What is the grey in-between the black and white? Click here, here or here for additional information.

3.  See response #2 for accuracy of clinical trials

4.  I do agree that vaccination technology is solid, I would just like the accurate documentation and a vaccine not filled with heavy metals and other chemicals harmful to our mind and bodies.

Response #2

The CDC and several studies show their is no causal link between Autism and vaccines.

One of the major foundation articles for this response is a 2004 article in the Journal Pediatrics by William S. Thompson, a Senior Scientist at the CDC and his co authors.  On August 27th, 2014, William S. Thompson has admitted that the article “omitted data that suggested connection to Autism.”  See link here

Response #3

Your conclusions are founded on hysteria, not facts. You are not a doctor or a scientist and what you are trying to promote can cause a great deal of harm.

Agreed, I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I am a trainer and have observed athletes for a long time, seen the side effects of athletes who are not able to perform to their full potential.  My intention was to ask the question, Could vaccines be a cause for the decreasing of performance in athletes?  And based on the side effects and scientific evidence, on both sides, it is worth asking the question.  Secondly, see above link to William Thompson about the accuracy of clinical studies, as well as, the two additional sources listed below.

Note: While the subject is GMO’s, just replace “GMO” with vaccines and the statements look eerily similar.  I ask the question, who is not open to a honest debate? Or Cathleen may not realize that genetically modified organisms have been linked to health disorders.  Possible, but I doubt it.

According to Cathleen Enright, executive vice president food & agriculture, for the Biotech Industry Organization (BIO), there is nothing to debate. GMO agriculture is “sustainable” and GMO foods are “safe.” Anyone who says otherwise is making “scary” statements that have no basis in fact—because every shred of scientific evidence suggesting health or safety concerns related to GMOs “has been discredited,” Enright told me during a March 3 (2015) phone conversation. Click here for entire article


One of the most important responsibilities of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in protecting public health is to conduct regular inspections of clinical trial sites to ensure that good clinical practices are being followed. But a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA Internal Medicine has found that nearly half of all clinical trials are based on false information, and the FDA typically does nothing to address this widespread problem

Charles Seife, M.S., from the Institute of Journalism at New York University conducted a cross-sectional analysis of publicly available documents that describe FDA inspections of clinical trial sites where significant evidence of objectionable conditions or practices was found. Narrowing down the pool to only those documents that contained enough information to fully identify the violations described, Seife came up with 57 trials for which evidence of “significant departures” was abundant. Click here for entire article

So I will stand form on asking the question and opening the conversation. It must be discussed.

Response #3

Please do not spread propaganda based on hearsay.  This kind of stuff put out to unsuspecting people is one of the reasons we are seeing outbreaks of diseases long ago eradicated.

See above.. The question must be asked and a solid debate must occur, so an informed decision can be made for you, others and your athletes.

Officials Declare ‘Eating Healthy’ A Mental Disorder

Can We Be Mentally Ill?

peppers-99627_640By Jeffery Jaxon,

In an attempt to curb the mass rush for food change and reform, psychiatry has green lighted a public relations push to spread awareness about their new buzzword “orthorexia nervosa,” defined as “a pathological obsession for biologically pure and healthy nutrition.” In other words, experts are saying that our demand for nutrient-dense, healthful food is a mental disorder that must be treated.

CNN, Fast Company, Popular Science, and other top outlets have all began to trumpet the talking points on cue relatively recently:

“Orthorexia nervosa is a label designated to those who are concerned about eating healthy. Characterized by disordered eating fueled by a desire for “clean” or “healthy” foods, those diagnosed with the condition are overly pre-occupied with the nutritional makeup of what they eat”.

In short, if you turn your back on low quality, corporate food containing known cancer causing toxic additives and a rich history of dishonesty rooted in a continuous “profits over people” modus operandi, then you may suffer from a mental illness. The cherry on top is that if you have the pseudo-science labeled disorder of orthorexia nervosa, you will be prescribed known toxic, pharmaceutical drugs from some of the same conglomerate corporations that you are trying to avoid by eating healthy in the first place.

Orthorexia has not yet found its way into the latest edition of the psychiatric bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), yet is commonly being lumped in with other eating disorders. Stepping back and looking at the ones pushing this label on us shows highly questionable motives.

Psychiatry as a whole is deeply in bed with a pharmaceutical industry that makes the drugs to “treat” every one of these “disorders.” It is often these companies that are wielding influence behind the scenes to invent more mental health categories with their toxic products as the answer. This latest media push to popularize orthorexia as a mental disorder with a goal to marginalize or derail the food revolution appears to have been dead on arrival.

The psychiatric community has even deemed creativity to be a mental illness.

As the people continue to walk away from the broken medical and agricultural/food systems like any abusive relationship, the food makers are willing to do anything to maintain their waning control. Organic and non-GMO food markets have exploded in the last 5 years, so much so that any corporation wishing to not follow the trend risks financial hardship or ruin. In addition, pharmaceutical companies are feeling the strain as less people want their toxic medications and crippling side effects.

Perhaps some people to take it too far to the point of self-harm, but the problem we face with a toxic food system is a much larger threat. In closing, let’s be aware of some of the overall BS fed to us by the pharmaceutical bankrolled industry of psychiatry. When healthy eating and creativity are mental issues, something is amiss.

For additional sources and links, click here

Cutting The Strings That Suppress Leadership Development

Imagine the sled as holding you back from the pursuit of a goal. Cut the sled and your performance will increase, right or wrong?

Over the weekend, I had the honor of speaking to high school coaches at the Minnesota Track Coaches Association annual meeting. In preparation, I asked the following questions:

“Why do we feel that so many young people, who are working diligently to become great leaders and athletes, fail to accomplish the mission?” and “Is it the leadership model we are using in pursuit of the goal or is it suppression from reaching the goal?”

I do not feel the answer is the leadership model, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of high-quality models published over the last 100 years alone that have been used hundreds of times with much success. On top of that, most coaches use one of these models at present, so how could a new and improved model be the answer?

From my point of view, we must create connection amongst the team, as well as, eliminate the strings that hold athletes hostage from the attainment of their absolute best performance. Once free from suppression, we can give athletes the proper guidance on the subject of leadership, and only then, will athletes find their way to becoming a great leader.


I realized pretty quickly that my points of emphasis are merely a starting point for a major discussion and in no way, did I feel I had all the conclusive answers.  With that said, here are of the points of the presentation and a link to the prezi notes.

1.  athletes thinking in the moment with full and complete thoughts of the entire situation, not just “Get Mine First.” See Phil Jackson’s book Sacred Hoops and Michael Johnson’s Slaying the Dragon for more information.

2.  Begin to understand the concept of life scripts or episcripts and their influence on view points and actions. Search Eric Berne, father of transactional analysis, with the word “fairy tales.”

3.  Eliminate the toxins in and outside your body for the purpose of increasing IQ, mind-body connection, and increased energy.

  1. Only eat real organic, non-gmo food
  2. Filter fluoride from your water
  3. Find ways to eliminate synthetic materials from your environment and your food.   For additional information, see all the sources on this site.

Again, my goal was to create a starting point only, rather than a comprehensive list of solutions.  If you have any feedback, I would welcome an email.  Again, for the complete presentation, click here for the presentation notes.  Enjoy.


5 Foods That Decrease Performance

This post was on the Infowars Newsletter.. While it was meant for obesity.. The same foods items decrease performance. Check out the list.

Are your ‘healthy’ food choices actually making you fat and going against your entire diet and exercise regimen? Chances are, you may unknowingly be consuming a number of food items that should in fact be on your ‘food hazard’ list.

Looking at the research and the opinions of top nutrition experts, here are the 5 foods that are making people fat (and no one probably even knows they’re eating them):

1. Foods with the Popular Plastic Chemical BPA


While not technically a ‘food’, you are most likely taking in the plastic chemical known as bisphenol-A as if it were a staple food in your diet. This chemical, found in numerous items which I will list for you, disrupts what’s known as your body’s endocrine system — which encompasses key biological systems like your pineal gland and reproductive glands.

Numerous studies have connected BPA exposure with everything from obesity to cancer. One study out of NYU School of Medicine analyzed 2,938 young people, and found that the most obese individuals also had the highest concentrations of BPA in their urine. Only 10% of the obese children actually had lower BPA levels.

BPA can be found in:

  • Plastic water bottles
  • The inner lining of canned foods
  • Paper money
  • Receipts that you touch

2. The New ‘Secret’ High-Fructose Corn Syrup


Watch out for deceptive corporate food labeling tactics. When you’re not buying from a trustworthy company that has certified organic and high quality ingredients, you always run the risk of consuming what I would call ‘food land mines.’

This is the case with the infamous high-fructose corn syrup, which was recently ‘renamed’ and ‘rebranded’ by mega food corporations and corn organizations to trick you into eating it again.

According to the Corn Refiners Association (CRA), the term ‘fructose’ is now being used to denote a product that was previously known as HFCS-90 (the original high-fructose corn syrup). Meaning it is 90 percent pure fructose. Compare this to what is termed ‘regular’ HFCS, which contains either 42 or 55 percent fructose, and you will know why they are so eager to keep you in the dark.

3. Flavor Enhancers


A major player when eating out, and notorious for being extremely pervasive at Chinese food restaurants, flavor enhancers like MSG can add some serious salty flavor to your dish. They will also add detrimental visceral (stomach) fat onto your body with ease, and trigger some concerning reactions in your brain.

study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed MSG led to animal obesity but also applied to human subjects.

“We found that prevalence of overweight was significantly higher in MSG users than in non-users,” said Ka He, MD, assistant professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the UNC School of Public Health. “We saw this risk even when we controlled for physical activity, total calorie intake and other possible explanations for the difference in body mass. The positive associations between MSG intake and overweight were consistent with data from animal studies.”

4. Antibiotics in Your Meat and Dairy


Have you seen some of the latest whistleblower footage exposing the extremely disturbing practices deep inside some of the largest factory farm compounds? Topping the list of how these animals are treated so poorly is the mega dosing of antibiotics, which are given to many animals no matter what.

From the cows that provide milk or meat, to the chickens that end up on your dinner table — you are ultimately consuming these antibiotics in your diet. As a result, your ‘good bacteria’ (probiotic) bacteria is suffering. When your gut bacteria balance gets out of whack, such as when the bad bacteria outweighs the good, sickness and obesity occurs.

5. Your Water


Are you drinking tap water? How about tap water in a major US city? You’re more than likely drinking in a host of heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs, and even viruses. Antibiotics residue is likely being consumed with each gulp, and if you’re drinking tap water from a plastic container, then you are also exposing yourself to BPA (item #1).

Drinking tap water may not necessarily be the cause of one’s weight gain, but it certainly isn’t helping like it should be.

Drop the tap water and opt for a reverse osmosis water filtration system or purified water that has gone through that process. As always, remember that R/O filters also remove some necessary minerals from the water so it’s important to add a small amount of Himalayan sea salt or apple cider vinegar to regain them. If available, natural spring water that has been tested for purity is even better.

Don’t let these hidden food land mines hinder your fat loss journey. Instead, eliminate and substitute them for powerful weight loss foods.

The Real Truth about Chewing Gum?

By Stephen McCarthy, The McCarthy Project, December 23rd, 2014

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is darn near an American icon, on par with baseball. We all remember the fascination and glory of chewing gum when we were young. So I get it.. Oh, one other thing. I do realize the benefit of having nice, cool breath on top of the joy while chewing gum. Like all good things, they sometimes have to come to an end, not because they are wrong, but the situation has been distorted in some way that it makes the simple act not good for our lives.

The deal changer for chewing gum and many other products (soft drinks, frozen foods, diet foods, vitamins and in some medicines.. Sorry) is aspartame. Here is a list of potential side effects: seizures, depression, brain damage, memory loss, migraine headaches, numbness, and blindness.


You say, wow, that is quite a list.  Yes, it is.. and I do not expect you to believe on my word only.. Do the research for yourself.. Find out the truth.. I am firmly convinced that elite performance is in your hands, not always finding ways to make your body run better, but simply finding the ways that it is being suppressed and cut the cord from the seemingly innocent, suppressive activities.

If I told you how to make decisions come faster and clearer, increase your awareness of your surroundings, or how to eliminate moodiness or depression from your life, are in a pill, I am confident you would take that pill for sure.

So why won’t you stop chewing gum, just because you like the taste or it freshens your breath.  Unfortunately, you may have to find a different item to chew or freshen your breath to increase your performance.

Or this one..all my friends chew gum and they don’t have any of these side effects. Well, how influential of leader are you or are you willing to walk the road by yourself until they do see the wisdom.

Again as it should, success and failure are in your hands.

For the research completed during the 1970’s, 1980’s and 90’s, click apartame and msg.

Mounting Evidence Exposes Dangers of Energy Drinks

by Natasha Longo | Prevent Disease | December 22, 2014

energy-drink-517211_1280Two research papers, each published separately, suggest that concerns over levels of caffeine and sugar in energy drinks, and their effects on young people who drink them, are mounting.

Energy drinks are beverages that claim to “make you more alert and give you energy.” Most have ingredients like caffeine, sugar, taurine, vitamins and herbs. They can be found anywhere you buy beverages beside the pop, juices and sports drinks.

The amount of caffeine in energy drinks is more than what is recommended for children. Most government public health agencies say that children under 12 years of age should have less than 85 mg of caffeine per day depending on their age. This means that one energy drink can easily put children over their caffeine limits.

Energy Drinks have previously been found to cause irreversible damage to tooth enamel and detrimentally affect the contraction of the heart. A study published in the issue of General Dentistry, the peer-reviewed clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry, found that an alarming increase in the consumption of sports and energy drinks, especially among adolescents, is causing irreversible damage to teeth–specifically, the high acidity levels in the drinks erode tooth enamel, the glossy outer layer of the tooth.

The FDA says they are powerless to change formulation of energy drinks. “We have no guidance or regulations that govern the formulation of energy drinks,” said FDA spokeswoman Susan Cruzan. The agency does not have the authority to do that.Cruzan said. “Under current law, the manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that its products are safe and such products do not require FDA premarket review or approval.” Full article

The Hidden Culprit Behind Wheat Sensitivity

by Dr. Edward Group | | December 1, 2014

daybreak-420985_640Wheat is typically avoided these days because of its gluten content. Many people are going gluten free, not always for the right reasons, believing the protein to be one of the most disastrous things to plague humanity. While gluten is certainly difficult to digest and can lead to inflammation, there is another component to wheat that proves toxic. Conventional wheat is commonly consumed in its refined form, mostly from processed foods, and these foods contain a number of toxins.

The Hidden Issue Facing Wheat Sensitivity
Roundup, a glyphosate herbicide manufactured by Monsanto, is commonly applied to wheat prior to harvest. It is now used as not only an herbicide, but a desiccating agent, helping to reduce moisture on crops. Glyphosate has already been linked to enzyme inhibition in animals, and some research shows that it may disrupt the endocrine system. Many people who have wheat sensitivity may actually not be reacting to the gluten. Instead, their body is reacting to the minute chemicals that coat the crop.

What You Can Do
If you wish to continue consuming wheat products, it is always best to choose organic, unhybridized Einkorn wheat. This type of wheat is lower in gluten; however, if you do have a sensitivity to gluten or are downright allergic, you must avoid wheat. Raw vegetation should make the majority of your diet, anyway, letting grains make up a small portion of your daily intake. Be aware that other products, like sugar, often contain Roundup. It is always best to purchase food organic, whenever possible, in order to avoid these toxins.

GMO-Loaded Food Corp Targets Natural Foods for Being ‘Unfair Competition’

by Christina Sarich | | November 18, 2014

russia-gmo-foods-ban.si_Perhaps you’ve heard of Unilever? The company sells products under 1,000 brands, including Hellmann’s mayonnaise Suave, Klondike, and TRESemmé. In addition to donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to shut down GMO labeling, the mega-corp has also decided to file a lawsuit against an upstart vegan mayonnaise-making company, claiming “false advertising and unfair competition.”

A Hellmann’s ad says:

“At Hellmann’s, we make our mayonnaise with real, simple ingredients like good eggs, delicious vinegar and oils rich in omega 3. So it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Lean about he Real Food Project at”

However, if you take a look at this ingredient list and do a little deductive reasoning, you’ll see that they have a reason to be nervous about a company who makes a healthier version of mayo: it’s full of soybean oil (mostly made from GMO soy), non-organic eggs, likely from chickens who are kept in cruel circumstances, and made to eat GMO feed), and vinegar. Heinz was recently targeted for claiming its vinegar was “all natural,” when GMOs are less than natural. Will Unilever, the parent company of Hellmann’s, face similar issues?

The Anglo-Dutch mega-conglomerate Unilever said the vegan company Just Mayo, “. . .already is stealing market share from Hellmann’s.”

Oh, that is a little frustrating isn’t it – when people vote with their dollars and refuse toxic food?

Unilever, which has also swallowed Ben & Jerry’s, Breyer’s, Lipton, Mrs. Filbert’s, Slimfast, Close-Up, Noxzema, Q-Tips, Vaseline, and hundreds of other brands into its multinational guzzler, argues that:

“Hampton Creek’s materially false and misleading Just Mayo name, packaging, and advertising has caused and unless restrained will continue to cause great and irreparable injury to Unilever.”

Unilever is seeking to reverse the new-found success that Hampton Creek is experiencing with their new mayo product. The company wants Hampton Creek to “remove all jars from shelves, and pay Unilever three times damages, plus attorney’s fees.” Hampton Creek is also being told to start calling their mayo something else because it, “damages the entire product category, which has strived for decades for a consistent definition of ‘mayonnaise’ that fits with consumer expectations.”

The FDA, Unilever points out, defines mayonnaise as including an “egg-yolk containing ingredient.”

Now Hampton Creek has had to prepare a countersuit, partly to determine ‘what makes mayo mayo.”

Part of the legal tussle may have instigated because Hampton Creek posted on Facebook that it was “Beating Hellmann’s in taste tests,” and also posted a cartoon of a jar of Just Mayo with boxing gloves standing over a KOed jar of Hellmann’s and being declared “The Winner!”

Unilever was not happy. “Hampton Creek’s superiority claims are false because they are not supported by reliable testing that reflects actual consumer preferences.”

It’s easy to control the market as a mega-corporation with deep pockets.

Oxygen and Elite Performance: The Science

The attached presentation was by Dr. Robert Rowen, an expert in the area of ozone therapies.  The presentation is very scientific and directed towards the medical profession.  The motive for posting the video clip is my question.  In the effort to attain elite performance, we are always looking for the way to enhance performance.  My question is what are the hindrances to our performance?  Oxygen therapies can eliminate these hindrances.  Enjoy.

Sodium Bicarbonate and Performance

By Stephen McCarthy, The McCarthy Project

armandhammer_logoThe subject of baking soda use for performance has been misunderstood.  As a ergogenic aid in the short term, it has had mixed results. On the other hand, as an immune system booster and long term performance enhancer, the results stand for themselves.  As always, the following information is meant to be the start of your journey on elite performance, not the solution.

“Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) commonly called baking soda is a natural substance used in the human body within the bloodstream to regulate pH as a counterbalance to acid build up, which is critical to life. It affects the pH of cells and tissues, balances cell voltage, and increases CO2 which helps with oxygenation. Sodium Bicarbonate is a powerful medical tool that everyone would benefit by knowing more about.

Sodium Bicarbonate can be used as a first line of defence for a vast range of sickness including, cancer, flu, diabetes, kidney disease and even the common cold. Sodium Bicarbonate can be used in many forms whether transdermally in a bath, orally or nebulised for lung conditions. It is so powerful in it’s ability to detox that it can even be used against radiation exposure.” Dr. Mark Sirucs, author of Sodiium Bicarbonate: A Full Review

Additional Research:

Studies, Side Effect, etc. Dr. Mark Sircus

Magnesium, Magnesium Oil and Performance

Here are a couple pieces of information on magnesium and magnesium oil.  As always, this information is intended to be a start for your research, not the end answer.

Dr Sircus on May 14, 2010 “Uses of Magnesium Oil

Transdermal magnesium therapy offers an exciting breakthrough in sports medicine. Coaches can now treat injuries, prevent them, and increase athletic performance all at the same time. Magnesium Oil enhances recovery from athletic activity or injuries. It reduces pain and inflammation while propagating quicker regeneration of tissues. Topical application of magnesium chloride increases flexibility, which helps avoid injury. It also increases strength and endurance. Transdermal Magnesium Therapy is a boon for athletes, coaches and doctors who practice sports medicine.

Dr. Jeff Schutt says that hamstring injuries can be avoided through nutritional support because contraction and relaxation is dependent on adequate cellular levels of magnesium. “A shortened hamstring is a result of lack of available magnesium,” he says. Liquid magnesium chloride can be simply sprayed and rubbed into a sore Achilles tendon to decrease swelling. And soaking the feet in a magnesium chloride footbath is the single best thing – apart from stretching – that you can do for yourself to protect from, or recover from hamstring and other injuries.

Former Pro-GMO Biotech Scientist Admits GMOs Aren’t Safe, Refutes Claims by Monsanto

By Christina Sarich | | October 30, 2014

gmofield-iwFor how long will we need to go back and forth in this GMO battle before a sound conclusion is finally met? If you have been following the GMO debate at all, you probably realize that this issue will likely never rest, as numerous studies on both sides of the spectrum (one side showing safety and the other showing danger) will continue to surface. What’s more, this research as well as opinions will be born out of lies or false substantiation. You’ve likely read headlines like these lately and scoffed:

2000+ Reasons Why GMOs Are Safe To Eat And Environmentally Sustainable

GMO Opponents Are the Climate Skeptics of the Left

Study of 1 Billion Animals Finds GMOs Safe

Or how about comments like this one:

“I used to think that nothing rivaled the misinformation spewed by climate change skeptics and spinmeisters. Then I started paying attention to how anti-GMO campaigners have distorted the science on genetically modified foods. You might be surprised at how successful they’ve been and who has helped them pull it off.”

Or if you trust one of the most hated companies on the planet, you can go straight to Monsanto’s site and read: An Overview of the Safety and Advantages of GM Foods.

Monsanto openly admits “after 30” whole “years of research” that they are convinced GMOs are safe. Just one type of pine tree lives more than 5000 years, but yea – Monsanto has all of Mother Nature figured out in its 30 years of tinkering with genes.

It’s amazing how many people have been boondoggled by biotech or are simply paid shills to keep the misinformation train choo-chooing along.

Former Biotech Scientist Speaks Out

In comes Dr. Thierry Vrain, a former GMO biotechnologist who has come out with a lot of information that should open people’s eyes about the real dangers of genetically modified foods and crops.

Vrain will be the first to admit that Monsanto has conducted a lot of studies showing that GMOs are safe, but he changed his own tune about ten years ago when he started reading scientific journals from other countries.

Vrain explains:

“I started paying attention to the flow of published studies coming from Europe, some from prestigious labs and published in prestigious scientific journals, that questioned the impact and safety of engineered food.”

Vrain was so much a supporter of GMOs (as well as a former biotech scientist for Agriculture Canada) that he used to conduct tours and tell large groups of people all about the greatness of genetically altered crops – but not anymore. Here is what he thinks about his former industry now:

“I refute the claims of the biotechnology companies that their engineered crops yield more, that they require less pesticide applications, that they have no impact on the environment and of course that they are safe to eat.

There are a number of scientific studies that have been done for Monsanto by universities in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. Most of these studies are concerned with the field performance of the engineered crops, and of course they find GMOs safe for the environment and therefore safe to eat.”

Vrain thinks the public is being swindled. He believes we should all demand that government agencies replicate tests showing that GMOs are safe rather than rely on studies paid for by the biotech companies. He continues:

“The Bt corn and soya plants that are now everywhere in our environment are registered as insecticides. But are these insecticidal plants regulated and have their proteins been tested for safety? Not by the federal departments in charge of food safety, not in Canada and not in the U.S.

There are no long-term feeding studies performed in these countries to demonstrate the claims that engineered corn and soya are safe. All we have are scientific studies out of Europe and Russia, showing that rats fed engineered food die prematurely.

These studies show that proteins produced by engineered plants are different than what they should be. Inserting a gene in a genome using this technology can and does result in damaged proteins. The scientific literature is full of studies showing that engineered corn and soya contain toxic or allergenic proteins.”

This science is actually only about 40 years old. It is all based on a theory of genetic manipulation hypothesized around 70 years ago – of the ONE GENE – meaning that each gene codes for one single protein. The Human Genome project proved this totally wrong.

Most scientists now understand that any gene can give more than one protein and that inserting a gene anywhere in a plant eventually creates rogue proteins. Some of these proteins are obviously allergenic or toxic, like Cry proteins found in GMO corn. Otherwise known as Bt toxins (Bacillus thuringiensis), Cry proteins are one of biotech’s answers for ‘safe’ food.

That’s odd; one study found them absolutely toxic for mammalian blood. Dr. Mezzomo says that Cry toxins are deathly for mice. Another study linked them to a higher rate of leukemia. Yet another study conducted at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec found corn’s Bt-toxin in the blood of pregnant women and their babies, as well as in non-pregnant women. These same toxins are also associated with higher levels of inflammation in the body, allergies, MS, and cancer.

Furthermore, what ridiculous egocentricity for biotech scientists to think they can crack the code of life when there are still acres and acres of rainforest that contain medicinal herbs that they have never even studied or recognized. Every square mile lost in these forests represents a possible cancer soution or super-food source.

Why the heck do we need GMOs? We haven’t even utilized the plethora of foods and herbs Mother Nature has already provided us with, if only we would steward them sustainably. There seems to be a new wonder-extract being discovered every few days, despite our pillaging.

Additionally, Vrain once answered honestly to this question in an interview:

“Q: It is astounding that people don’t question the very idea of altering DNA. When Monsanto or others claim a genetically modified organism is “substantially equivalent” to the conventional plant, it’s illogical to me because when DNA is altered, the plant is altered. It’s not the same and it’s certainly not natural.

A: That depends on your view of the world. As a scientist, when you add a bacteria gene to a plant, or a plant gene to a fish, or a human gene to corn, or 10,000 acres of corn growing insulin – they consider it progress. So if a tomato plant has a bacterial gene, it still looks very much like a tomato plant. You couldn’t tell very much from the taste of the tomato so there is something easy about believing in “substantial equivalence” . . . but Roundup (Monsanto’s herbicide) is a chelator; it holds manganese, magnesium and a few other minerals. It holds the minerals and doesn’t let go so basically it starves the plant. It probably also starves many other creatures in the soil.” 

New evidence shows that these same important minerals are chelated from humans that eat RoundUp GMOs.

Vrain has based his research on over 500 government reports and scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals, some of them with the highest recognition in the world.

Now tell me – how exactly are GMOs safe?

If a soil biologist and scientist of genetic engineering of 30 years revisits his stance on GMOs – shouldn’t those who are still clinging to biotech efficacy relent? We need more GMO whistleblowers like himself. I hope they are out there and they come forward – and fast.