Shaun Goodsell: Mental Toughness Defined

Shaun Goodsell of Mental Edge Talked About the Basics of Developing Mental Toughness

Shaun Goodsell on Mental Toughness
Shaun Goodsell on Mental Toughness

Your host Stephen McCarthy and Shaun Goodsell of the Mental Edge discussed the different aspects of mental toughness.  It is one of those subjects talked about plenty, but what is it? how do you get it?

Shaun exposed a simple, clear path to developing your purpose to the point that you will succeed.  Then when the failure that arrives, the athlete, coach or parent can show mental toughness to face the defeat and complete the mission.

Shaun mentioned the following how-to steps to developing inner discipline and becoming mentally tough.

1.  Design your life intentionally and know you will fail several times

2.  Talk about how to act out the design you see happening

3.  Then stay focused and do the work needed to accomplish the design.

To listen to the complete show, visit here.

Secondly, on the show Shaun mentioned his online site for developing mental toughness, here is the link for his site.

Shaun Goodsell Bio Information:

Shaun has worked with LPGA Golfers, National Championship Hockey Players, Professional Triathletes, State Champion Football and Hockey Players, as well as those athletes who simply want to make “the team.” Every athlete deals with certain mental interferences and life impairments no matter what level they may be at competitively. There is no such thing as right and wrong, or, good and bad, in Shaun’s mind. I do not look at life in these terms. As a Performance Coach, it is my challenge to help each individual athlete develop a new way of defining his/her performance – it is not about good or bad, but about looking at what factors go into a quality performance and what each athlete can do and/or change, individually, to experience just that. With Shaun’s ability to teach and to inspire, along with his ability to communicate abstract ideas clearly, he is able to help each person he works with identify and look at ways they might be engaging in self-defeating patterns of thinking and/or acting, which results in an overall empowering experience for the individual, raising their level of mental toughness and overall self-esteem. Shaun also works extensively with coaches and parents of athletes in large groups, focusing on their integral roles in athletes’ overall mental development and their lives in general. Each coach and parents leaves these presentations and workshops inspired and better equipped to manage athletes with aim, purpose and compassion.

For more information, visit his website.


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