James Harrison: Invest in Your Body

James Harrison Invests Time and Money Into His Body

By Brian McIntyre

Shutdown Corner

James Harrison of Cincinnati Bengals
James Harrison of Cincinnati Bengals

James Harrison of the Cincinnati Bengals invested a serious amount of money into his body. He realized that the better his body worked, the more results he would garner on the field.  If more athletes would understand his simple methodology and investment, they would succed succeed at a higher level.

I realize that not all athletes have $600,000 per year to spend on nutrition, training, message, etc. but the principle is obvious.

Invest in your body so that it runs like a performance car. It is not a rental that you beat on relentlessly and drop it off at the end of the day.

It takes time and preparation to eat the right foods from the right sources, drinking the right water, implementing recovery work and sleep, and lastly, speed and strength training.

All these tied together will allow you to perform to your expectations.

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