Jill Magee: Structure and Balanced Development in Sport

Structure First, Then Balanced Development

Structure and Balanced Development
Structure and Balanced Development

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project and Jill Magee of Rock Tape talked about building the structure for athletes physically and then adding a balanced development program to the structure created.

Points made on the show:

1.  Understand what your past health history; down to sprained ankles, stubbed toes, etc and build a high-quality health history.

2.  Do not take extremes on training philosophies related to optimal position of the your anatomy or on the other side, just train through the pain.

3.  Movement must be efficient to produce high level results and if the structure is wrong. You will break. So fix it early.

For the complete interview, visit here.

For more information on Jill Magee, visit her website.



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