Mountain Biker Judy Freeman

Judy Freeman Talks About Start of the Season Results

Pro Mountain Biker Judy Freeman
Pro Mountain Biker Judy Freeman

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project talked with Pro Mountain Biker Judy Freeman. Judy just returned from her trip to Europe to talk about her early season results.

Judy candidly spoke about her results and how they stem from changes she made earlier in the year.  She talked about how they have negatively changed her position on the bike and lead to major power leaks.

She mentioned that sometimes science is not always the best way to go.  She returned to a previous setup on her bike.  Her injuries and performance have increased since the retro-fitting of her bike.

Other areas covered during the show include:

1.  The trickiness of elite performance.

2.  Pursuit of a dream when others give up.

3.  Does science always trump the art in elite cycling?

For the complete interview, visit Pro Mountain Biker Judy Freeman’s appearance.

To visit Judy, check out her blog and website.


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