Parallel Squats or Quarter Squats for Jumping?

Are Deep or Parallel Squats Needed When Doing a Squat?

By Jack Woodrup

Parallel Squats and Your Vertical
Parallel Squats and Your Vertical

Jack Woodrup has done tremendous work over the years focusing on the subject of jump training or improving your vertical.  This post on parallel squats and many other forms of squats will put to rest the many questions related to depth on squatting related to increasing your vertical jump.

At the start, he makes a great case for squats that match the range of motion that would  occur during the event.  So are parallel squats needed for jump training? Almost every trainer will correct you if you don’t, It this really the truth?

For the most part yes, but build up to mastering the deep or parallel squats as your mobility/flexibility allow.

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