Jack Brewer on Empowering From Within

Jack Brewer of Jack Brewer Foundation and The Concept of Empowering From Within

Jack Brewer on "Empowering From Within"
Jack Brewer on “Empowering From Within”

Jack Brewer joined host Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to discuss his foundation and his passion to help other people in the world today.  The tagline for his foundation is “Empowering From Within.” After listening to the show, you will hear his passion for the people of the world who are facing extreme poverty.

Jack talked about his history being raised in Texas as a student-athlete. He mentioned the challenges of wanting to be a great student in an sports or football-crazy area that did not reward student-athletes.

Jack Brewer of the Jack Brewer Foundation
Jack Brewer of the Jack Brewer Foundation

Education was very important to Jack and he used football to gain the resources he need to continue his education.  He landed at the University of Minnesota and graduated with a bachelors and a masters degree in Sports Management. After completing his college career, he played in the NFL for 5 years.

During this whole time, he had a desire to give back to people who did not have the same opportunities that he had received because of sports.  This desire become the inspiration for the Jack Brewer Foundation.

The Jack Brewer Foundation has become one the leaders on a global basis sharing with athletes the possibilities of helping others with the resources they have been given through sport.

The 8th Annual Blue Carpet Celebrity Weekend has become the signature event for the foundation. The weekend includes a 5K Race to End Extreme Poverty, a Concussion Awareness Summit, and a goal of packing 50000 meals for other in need.

To listen to the complete interview, follow Jack Brewer Empowering From Within.

For more information on his Celebrity Weekend later this month, visit the event website or visit the Jack Brewer Foundation.

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