Rikki Keen Unlocks Sports Nutrition

Rikki Keen Talked on The Basics of Sports Nutrition

Rikki Keen of FRS and Fuel and Foods

Rikki Keen of FRS and Fuel and Foods

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project and Rikki Keen, CEO of Fuel and Fluids, Scientific Advisor of FRS and Nutritionist to Coach Tom Shaw, broke down the basics of sports nutrition. Major areas include: type of food sources, hydration, promotion of recovery, and timing.

In today’s world, nutrition has become one of the most talked about subjects in sports.  The main problem is people are confused, use buzz words to sound knowledgeable on the subject of sports nutrition, but do not have a clue.

Through her education and experience with high school, college and pro athletes, Rikki has found the following areas should be addressed when developing athletes:

1.  Daily Fuel and Hydration: High quality food sources and proper hydration levels are important for success in all conditions

2. Nutrient Timing: Nutrition at the right time can promote recovery and increased performance during your event.

3.  Recovery: Sleep and proper nutrition will assure you receive the complete benefit of your training.

4. Supplementation: Fill in the cracks in your nutrition profile with proper, high quality supplements. Vitamin D is a major area to focus your attention.

5.  Food Politics and the future of sports nutrition: Non-GMO, Natural and Organic foods need to located and used as much as possible.  While the volume of data is lacking, the initial results show that these type of foods will benefit your performance.

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