Central Nervous System and CNS Training, Part 2

CNS Training: Proper Means and Methods

CNS Training for Athletes
CNS Training for Athletes

Last week, we discussed excitotoxins and the use of proper diet and recovery as the foundation of stimulating the brain and athletic development. This week, we move on to the subject of cns training and creating athletes that use strength and speed development means and methods to improve performance.

The main focus of any cns training program is to activate motor units, the basic functional entity of muscular activity, while performing your event.

There are a many methods to improve, but almost as many to hinder.

On the improvement side:

1.  Sets in the 80% and above of 1RM

2.  Post workout exercises that promote recovery of the central nervous system

3.  Proper amount of rest during workouts that allow recovery of cns.  This allows for maximum effort during each set or rep.

4.  Allow yourself some downtime away from technology and sport. Paint a picture, walk in the woods, etc.

On the hinder side.

1.  Manage the number of random hard core workouts or survival of the fittest speed sessions.

2.  Training for multiple sports with multiple trainers at the same time.

3.  Refuse to look at restoration training or managing work loads.  If you are swimming at the lake all day, practicing for 2 hours and then going to workout. It may be too much for one day.

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