Proper Squat Technique

How to Create Proper Squat Technique

By Jack Woodrup

Vertical Jumping

Proper Squat Technique
Proper Squat Technique

I have discussed the benefits of squatting deeper for the jumping athlete. These benefits included a better carry over to vertical jump performance, improved knee health, and increased mobility. All of these things are something any athlete should want. So, how do you create proper squat technique?

The 2 Reasons You Can’t Squat Deep

In my experience there are 2 reasons why someone can’t squat deep.

1. They are using too much weight.

2. They lack the flexibility/mobility.

Too Much Weight

Fixing the first on is easy, just take some weight off the bar. The weakest point of the lift is at the bottom, when you start squatting deep you will have to start with a lighter weight then you have been used to lifting. Don’t let your ego get the better of you – which if you have been used to lifting heavy loads for partial squats, can be easier said than done.

Lack of Mobility or Flexibility

The second issue is a bit more complicated but definitely not insurmountable. The obvious solution to a lack of mobility or flexibility is of course to start doing some more stretching and mobility work both before you lift, and as an ongoing activity to improve your range of movement.

The main areas of tightness that you should focus on with your stretching are the glutes, calves, hips, hamstrings, chest, and shoulders.

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