Efficient Movement In Space Is King

Efficient Movement will Create Success in Sport

A Sports Car Is Efficient Movement
A Sports Car Is Efficient Movement

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project will be breaking down the frontrunning health news of the week, as well as, the concept of efficient movement in sport. When you look at a top-end sports car, what do you see?  Sleek, power, efficient, high performance.  The majority of the training programs in our world are not creating sports cars, we are creating muscle cars.  Over the top show pieces that have a lot of power, but ask them to change directions and it is over.

Stephen will be joined by three distinguished guests in the world of sports performance.  We will be discussing the foundational concepts of talent development.  Once the foundation is solidly in place then you can account for the variables of each individual athlete.  (1) Current body composition (2)  The sport (3) Past and Current Injuries (4)  Goals of the program.  Then get to work creating the ability to create the necessary force to move efficiently in space to become elite and accomplish your goals.

Lastly, check out this youtube video of Erwan LeCorre moving naturally through space.  This is the end result a well rounded athlete should be able to accomplish. Once this level of mastery is obtained, add your goal specific training and your program will be complete.

Guests on today’s show include:

1.  Jack Woodrup of Vertical Jumping on goals, variables, and other components of training properly for performance.

2.  Shawn Myszka of Explosive Edge Athletics on assessment of energy leaks, proper movement and how to correct with training

3.  Andy Barr, Sports Performance Coach of the NBA New York Knicks, will be talking about how to fix structure in your body and then move onto development. Visit Andy at twitter.

For the complete show, visit Efficient Movement In Space is King.

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