MovNat: Know Self and Know Surroundings

Erwan Le Corre of MovNat on Moving Naturally in The World

Erwan Le Corre of MovNat
Erwan Le Corre of MovNat

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project will cover the weekly news and Erwan Le Corre of MovNat will join us to discuss the world of physical education and fitness. The concept of mastery of self and your surroundings will create the foundation of the show and provide a platform for a great discussion on the world of human development.

To listen to the show.

1.  Erwan’s Story and Philosophy

2.  Thoughts on developing athleticism and decreasing injuries.

Erwan started MovNat to open the world thought on the freedom that can be created through human movement. And to provide a unique approach to the development of efficient movement. He has traveled the world researching and developing his philosophy of physical, mental and spiritual development.

Subjects to be covered:

1. The MovNat and Erwan Le Corre story and philosophy of human movement.

2. The fallacy of bodybuilding or bicep training as the only way to true fitness

3. The art of human movement as it relates to the brain or central nervous system

4.  The discussion of the true power in life: an accurate knowledge of self and your surroundings.

5.  The definition of recovery training and some basic concepts on implementing recovery into your life.

6.  Repetitive stress injuries and their prevention by training for human movement, rather than specialization in sport.

For more information on MovNat and Erwan Le Corre, visit his website.


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