RinkNet Scouting Platform: Hidden Gem in Hockey

Jim Price of RinkNet Scouting Talks Hockey and Recruiting

Jim Price of RInkNet Scouting Software
Jim Price of RInkNet Scouting Software

Jim Price of RinkNet joined Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to talk about scouting hockey, how he created a near monopoly in the world of scouting hockey players, organizing the entire process and how RinkNet is currently used by 29 National Hockey League teams and numerous other high-level clients.

For the complete interview, tune in to “For The Love of The Sport

About Jim Price and RinkNet Scouting Software:

RinkNet Scouting Software has been producing scouting software for various leagues and teams since 1998. Our software is used by 29 NHL teams, plus 125 junior and college clubs in the CHL , NCAA, USHL and many other Tier I and Tier II leagues. Hockey Canada, USA hockey and several European elite league teams also use our software. More than 3,100 hockey professionals use our hockey system daily. We continually work hard to maintain a comprehensive database. Our commitment to expand our coverage of amateur and professional leagues all over the world has made RinkNet the global leader in Scouting Software and information.

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