MovNat: Advanced Workout of the Day

Erwan Le Corre of MovNat Posted His Workout of the Day

erwan_lecorreBy Erwan Le Corre, MovNat

Erwan will the joining The McCarthy Project next Monday to discuss the world of physical fitness and how to live life in balance with the world, not a just a droning continuance of it.

Check out the post for his workout of the day:

Warm Up Mobility – (3 rounds)
Forward Sprawl to Pushup – 8x
One-Arm Deadhang – 20sec each side

Skill –
Jerk – 20x Bodyweight – break into sets as needed

Combo – (4 Rounds)
Balancing Tripod Transition – 3x each side
Muscle Up – 3x
Walking split squat – 100ft
Sprint – 100ft
Tuck Pop-Up – 5x

For the youtube video and more information on MovNat training, visit their website.


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