Tune Into Your Mental Dashboard

By Shaun Goodsell, Mental Edge Today

Tune Into Your Mental Dashboard
Tune Into Your Mental Dashboard

There tends to be a fair amount of confusion surrounding the efficient functioning of the mind. For this reason I have created to tune into your mental dashboard.

This DashBoard keeps optimal mental functioning front and center allowing the athlete to utilize their brain as a weapon as opposed to a weight.

Here are our critical concepts to tap into power of the mind:

Engaging your mind to be purposeful begins to charge the mind with the initial

2. PRODUCTIVITY VS EFFORT: achievement is about being able to be productive. Effort is meant to serve the productivity. Sometimes we over value work and under value being productive.

3. DESCRIPTION VS JUDGEMENT: When we take the time to reflect on our performance it is more helpful to think about describing our performance then judging it. We are the worse evaluators of our own performance.

Keeping these concepts on our dashboard will help us be our best as well as continue to reach for heights beyond our current experience.

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