How To Squat Deeper Part 2

Proper Technique Critical For Success in the Weight Room

by Jack Woodrup, Vertical Jumping

Deep Front Squat
Jack Woodrup and the Deep Front Squat

In my previous article about how to squat deeper I talked about longer term solutions such as regular stretching and mobility work (which you should be doing anyway), reducing the training loads, gradual reduction of box heights for box squats, and ‘greasing the groove’ of the movement through a high volume of daily bodyweight squats.

In this article I am going to provide a more immediate solution that you can implement TODAY. That solution is to simply change the way in which you are squatting. You see most people when they think of squatting think of the traditional barbell back squat.

Unfortunately this is also the version of the squat that relies most heavily on good mobility and flexibility, particularly in the upper back and shoulder region (see picture below). Now that might not be a problem except for the widespread postural issues that sitting so much has caused, meaning lots of folks these days don’t have the necessary range of motion in those (and other) areas to perform a deep back squat freely.

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