Caroline Buchanan on Competition

Caroline Buchanan, 4-Time BMX and Mountain Bike World Champion, on How She Views Competing and Love of Sport

Caroline Buchanan
Caroline Buchanan

Caroline Buchanan joined Stephen McCarthy to talk about her success as a bike racer, as well as, the 2012 Olympic experience. She is a true professional on and off the track. We taped the interview earlier this morning with almost 90 minutes of technical problems and she was gracious enough to wait them out and be flexible.  It was amazing. If you are looking for truth on elite performance, you need to listen to Caroline. It will start you on your journey of elite performance.

For just the interview with Caroline, click here.   The complete interview and show will air 8am CST September 18th.

World Champion Caroline BuchananHere are a couple of the topics we covered during the 30 minute interview.  (1) Clear thoughts lead to success (2) Have high expectations and goals. (3) Focus on the love of the sport, not getting sponsors (4) What happens next when you don’t do your best (5) Thoughts on why so many elite bike racers are coming out of Australia.

You can connect with Caroline on Facebook, her website or follow her @CBuchanan68.




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