Training at Three Rivers Park

Natural Movement Training at Crow River-Hassan Trail Park

By Stephen McCarthy, The McCarthy Project

Natural movement for the young and old should be pursued.  Society has told us to sit at a computer or school for 6-8 hours per day. Well, The McCarthy Project has developed a training system that uses the great outdoors.  Our goal is to build complex, creative thoughts in our clients by allowing their bodies to enjoy the outside and the freedom that comes from just enjoying the outdoors.

The location for our sessions:  The Crow River-Hassan Horse Trail Park is located on Hwy 116, south of Hwy 241.  Parking is on the east side of 116 across from the entrance.  The park is 2600 acres of prairie, trails and wildlife.  For a detailed map, click here.

Crow Hassan in the Summer
Crow Hassan in the Summer

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