What Is Your View While Doing The Back Squat

By Stephen McCarthy, The McCarthy Project

back_squatOne of the biggest misnomers about training is that you need to be in a totally, controlled environment at all times.  And when you lift big weight, that is true.  But the last time I checked the only sport that does that while competing is power lifting. Secondly, one of the biggest points of discussion is the concept of “dynamic correspondence” or what is the best way to translate in the weight room or training performance to the event or field. So why do we primarily use power lifting or weight room lifts for all sports?  Who told us that the facility has to have music blaring, plastic floors, a million treadmills and 75 degrees?

Well, power lifters and coaches who only learned to train athletes in the weight room the way power lifters train, of course.

Check out the view from my squat platform: 25 Degrees, Snowing, but I was sweating could hear the birds chirping while working out. One 40 pound, 6 foot log, a little creativity and you are good to go.



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