Penn State’s Russ Rose on Balanced Development

russ_roseCoach Russ Rose of Penn State University joined Stephen McCarthy to discuss the waterfront of ideas related to young volleyball players and coaches around the concept of balanced development.  Coach Rose talked about the role of technology in a young persons life, the proper role of club volleyball, why is it important to play more than one sport, and finally, how coaches and athletes can develop a balanced long-term approach to elite performance in life and sport.

For the complete interview, click here.

Coach Russ Rose Bio Information:

Record breaking. History making. Legendary. All of these words can be used to describe the tenure of Penn State women’s volleyball head coach Russ Rose’s career in Happy Valley. At the helm of the Nittany Lion squad for 35 years, his name has become synonymous with the pride and tradition of the program. The leader of arguably the most successful collegiate women’s volleyball program in the country, Rose continues to pass along the confidence and character he has gained during his career.

During his tenure, Rose has collected wins at a staggering pace. Never having posted fewer than 22 wins in a season, he concluded the 2013 season as the NCAA leader in career winning percentage, having won more than 86 percent of the matches he’s coach at Penn State. He is just the third active DI women’s volleyball head coach to reach 1,000 career wins, Since then, he’s amassed another 125 victories, which puts him just four wins shy of tying the all-time record for career triumphs. Full bio

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