How To Work With Unmotivated Athletes

Shaun Goodsell of Mental Edge on How to Work with Unmotivated Athletes

Shaun Goodsell on Unmotivated Athletes
Shaun Goodsell on Unmotivated Athletes

The world is littered with unmotivated athletes and coaches are notorious for letting everyone know how unmotivated athletes take down their teams. Shaun Goodsell of the Mental Edge will change your perspective on these athletes.

You will begin to see that the coach is responsible for the majority of their athletes that fall into this category. While each age-group is slightly different, the athletes follow their coach. The coach has the power to create a atmosphere of communication.  The type of communication is the variable in each equation.

Shaun and Stephen covered the subject of unmotivated athletes on Friday’s show.  Here are a couple thoughts from the show.

1.  Each player and coach are different, therefore do not feel that you always have to use the same style or type of communication as this really successful coach.

2.  The playing field is not always equal for every player.  Understand each player, their circumstances and then implement a plan.

3. At the youth level, it is the job of the coach to create the channels of communication with the parents, not the parents to the coach.

Additional areas and ideas covered include coaching youth athletes when Johnny only there because his parents signed him up to pro coaches and the challenges the pro’s bring to elite performance.

To listen to the complete show, visit Goodsell’s Unmotivated Athletes.

For more information on Shaun Goodsell, visit his website.


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