Thomas Jones Documentary NFL: A Gift or A Curse

Thomas Jones, 12 year NFL Veteran, On Real Life, not What You See on TV

thomas_jonesLast Friday, I had the chance to meet Thomas Jones, the real one, not the NFL star running back.  He sat down to talk about his life in football, as well as, life after football.

Thomas talked about the talking heads of sport, the reality of life after football, some of the projects his production company has been working on for the last couple months.

One of the big reasons, he came to Minnesota was for the Jack Brewer #C4CT Concussion Awareness Summit.  His documentary encompasses the world of NFL and concussion.  He has interviewed numerous athletes and high level doctors for his documentary.  He previewed the portion related to concussions. It will be a must see for all athletes.

Secondly, his documentary is looking to debunk many of the stereotypes of NFL players.  The documentary will include segments on family matters, finances, concussions, and domestic violence. And after my time with Thomas and seeing the preview. I look forward to the full release in the near future.

For the complete interview, visit here.

To connect with Thomas Jones, visit his website


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