#C4CT Concussion Awareness Summit: A Door to Discussion

Concussion in Sport: A conversation that needs to take place

Football and Concussion
Football and Concussion

Jack Brewer Sports hosted the #C4CT Concussion Awareness Summit at the Minneapolis Club.   The summit brought together thought leaders from world of sport and more specifically, the world of concussion in sport.  Research scientists, clinicians, vendors, agents and athletes attended the Summit to discuss the topic of concussion in sport.

I was honored to attend the meeting and walked away with a completely different perspective on the short-term and long-term concerns related to concussion in sport.

Some of the attendees sat down with me to talk about life and sport. The show aired last week on The McCarthy Project.

1.  Dr Jay Clugston, University of Florida Football Team Physician,  Dr. Clugston talked about the current situation on how to identify if you or your athlete has had a concussion or a sub-concussion.  He also spoke about the treatment and how to potentially, limit them going forward.  Here is a link to one of the tools he mentioned during the interview. SCAT3 Concussion Assessment Tool

2. Thomas Jones, 12 year NFL veteran, talked about the life of being a football player and it not being reality.  It is an extreme occupation with risks to your long-term life and health.  Concussion is one of those areas, he has spent many hours researching and documenting for future athletes.  The documentary is called NFL: A Gift or A Curse. Visit here for the entire interview.

3. Lance Kendricks, 3 year NFL veteran, talked about life in the NFL and how he grew up in Wisconsin to become a tight end for the St. Louis Rams.  He numerous concussions during his career and he decided to attend the summit on a recommendation of one of his colleagues.  He developed out ways that he felt you could limit the chances of being involved in collisions that cause injury.

4.  Jack Brewer, 5 year NFL veteran, sat down a couple weeks ago to discuss his motives for the Summit and the Blue Gala Celebrity Weekend.  Check out his story of using sports to gain access to education and a spring board to a successful future.  For more information on Jack Brewer events, visit his website.




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