Frontrunning Health News Aug.18th, 2013

1.  Radioactivity from Japan in Our food Supply.. Don’t Worry (The Herald)

2.  Dangers of Refined Sugar in Your Diet. Especially for Ladies (Natural News)

3.  More on the Sugar Front.. Do Your Best to Eliminate.(LA Times)

4.  TV Takes Another Shot.. This Time by NCBI and PubMed. (NCBI)

5.  Interesting Thoughts on The Effectiveness of Antibiotics (Medical Xpress)

6.  New antibiotic, More manipulation, Less results (

7.  Great Information on Potential Solution to Heel Pain (Mobility WOD) and Follow-up on Heel Pain (Mobility WOD)

8.  ADHD Might Be a Half Truth? (Natural News)

9. Corn Flakes Bites the Dust on the GMO Front (Natural Society)

10. Chicken McNuggets: What is Really Chicken?(Natural News)

11.  ESPN: Everywhere Sports Profit Network (Bloomberg)

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